Amazon's #1 bestseller is a blank 266-page book titled "Reasons to vote for Democrats"


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Trump the Chump

Who wants to bet that the majority get used as scrapbooks for the fuck-shit apocalypse Trump era, which will basically prove the title.


A fool and his money etc.

I just hope it’s a double troll and the “author” is donating all proceeds to the ACLU or Planned Parenthood or something.


“They offer a slightly smoother path to apocalypse than the TrumpGOP”.

Repeat for 266 pages.


All Fox News and no empathy makes donny a horrible shitbag of a human being. All Fox News and no empathy makes donny a horrible shitbag of a human being. All Fox News and no empathy makes donny a horrible shitbag of a human being.


I wonder if any of the Trumplicans noticed it was blank? they aren’t a big “reading” crowd. maybe the real joke is on them?


This is the literary equivalent of


I need to subscribe to this publisher’s newsletter.


Two hundred and sixty-six blank pages is exactly the depth of reasoning and compassion I’d expect from a Republican ideologue. In a way, he’s just being more honest about it by not attempting to dress himself in empty words. Empty pages will suffice.


The Jeff Dunham crowd gets sarcasm now? Doubtful.


Damn, it’s that easy to take money from the “no more taxes” Republicans? This gives me some ideas!
(And I better act soon while they still can afford to pay for such tripe.)


It fits very well with their average reading level.


The most exhaustively researched and coherently argued Democrat Party apologia to date

It’s blank, so that matches up with the research and arguments I’ve heard defending Trump. At least the Republican Party is consistent.


My spreadsheet tells me the author gets $1.95 per sale… now that’s what I call easy money!



Finally, a chance for Republicans to brag that they’ve read a book.


Come on y’all, it’s a clever, well-executed troll. You’re gonna have to come up with some better comebacks than that. Personally I got nothing. It’s hard to out-snark nihilism. Well played, evil meme masterminds, well played.


This is the perfect counterpart to Clint Eastwood’s argument with an empty chair.


Oddly enough, this is also the GOP healthcare plan.


I was thinking perhaps this was just par for the course; maybe all the books on Republican voters’ bookshelves have blank pages.

They might as well…