Alien: Inauguration


Frankly I dislike how mpost everyone here and elsewhere outside of trump’sccamp has been acting.

Instead of productive actions, attempts at organizing to either drownd congress in paperwork, try finding ways to get things done without government (which trump will loudly take credit for, but whatever,) and cataloging every real actual thing done wrong as opposed to all the ‘secret mooslam’ bullshit the right kept bleating.

Not this ‘not my president’ shit.

The thing I’m most scared of, following the Andrew Jackson parrelel trump seems to want people to make, is oh hey we have a group that he wants to deport. He wants to bar refugees.

He’s making grave mistakes to win the bigotry points. Let’s t make similar mistakes while believing our own hands are clean.

And if you want to sneer down your nose at me. So be it. I have said my piece.


I’m not treating you as stupid for speaking, unlike you to me, as your word choice (sp. “bleating”) is used to imply animalistic levels of intellect and distress. I was simply pointing out that you were engaged in fallacious thinking, specifically the tu quoque fallacy.

There is certainly a degree of surface similarity. However, I would say that any deeper examination in comparison between the Birther conspiracy theories and the reactions to the demonstrated willingness to engage in unethical and illegal actions by the new administration will show that they are manifestly different in motivation and effect, to the point where they are different in kind.

Even more specifically, the Right’s efforts at blocking and obstructionism over the last eight years has been motivated by petulance, racism, and blatant fear-mongering; in contrast, the Left’s current statements (which are hardly unified) on how to resist the Trump Administration are being done in the likely futile hope that it is possible to resist the onset of a fascist regime intent on mass disenfranchisement and ethnic cleansing.

Or, again: Your fallacy is: Tu quoque.


I’m not sure what that means.

It’s entirely possible to take productive actions (contacting your representatives, being active in local government, voting) while also posting updates on the latest BS out of the Trump administration here on the BB boards.


I like this but, the “American Horror Story Inauguration 2017” poster going around on FB is even better.




I hear you, and I tried to phrase my comment as “here’s how that feels” rather than “here’s why you’re a poopy-head”. I’ve read enough of your comments over the years to know your frustration is coming from a good place. I get frustrated too about what might be more productive vehicles for change than others. I broke down and expressed it in a comment about a political cartoon I found wanting. This new post brings up those same feels: Animated series about Donald Trump’s hair from Ferris Plock, Kelly Tunstall, Form & Fiction

But the false equivalence thing really does annoy me too, as it seems like the histrionics during the Obama administration did muddy the waters of truly justified political dissent and fear (of course I acknowledge my subjectivity in using the word “true” here…) in just the same way the truly “Fake” nature of the new and distinct phenomenon of fake Facebook & Twitter news is already muddied by the long-running and specious claims of the MSM being “fake” and “left-wing-biased.”

What I will say is that I get it if the best political comment that one can muster is a partisan slogan, because today is, for me, and I think for a lot of people, truly disorientingly, bizarrely unsettling.


I’m going to have to admit having a hard time telling the difference between peaceful demonstrations of political dissent and… Well…

So I’m sorry for breathing down your neck about this. It’s mostly I see ‘not my president’ or ‘“president trump”’ and immediately hear the Jaws theme. For me the waters have stayed muddy and show no signs of clearing.


The only way to combat propaganda is to disseminate the information and obscure the lies with fact.

I have been “rechanneling” some of the Obama hate today.


A map of the states where Donald Trump is President but more importantly where people will fight against tyranny, regardless of your opinion.


That is generally what opposition parties do. Democracy rather depends on this sort of thing.


A key difference being, when the right was saying some of this stuff, they were provably wrong.

“The phoney electoral college made a laughing stock out of our nation. The loser one!”
“He lost the popular vote by a lot and won the election. We should have a revolution in this country!”

It may be a little on the petty side, but it’s not out of line to feel Trump deserves just as much respect as President as he showed to Obama, and not a bit more.


I am not saying the left is the same as the right

Yes, you are. Conflating the made-up crack fantasies of the tea party with the real live threats stated out loud by greedy, incompetent bigots coming in to run the administration… that’s the definition of false equivalency.

I’m not stuck on dictionary definitions, I’m just not anti-dictionary. Language is useful, for users like you and me alike.


I need the t-shirt.

ETA: I just printed that off for the sister march today.


My wife, who reads presidential biographies for relaxation, would point out that partisanship and finger pointing have been the norm for the last 225 years at least.

For what it’s worth, Colorado used to limit its legislative sessions (I believe it was 6 weeks maximum) on the theory that the public good was in jeopardy as long as the legislature was in session. But then, they also restricted banks from having more than one branch office, and that office could be no more than a couple of hundred yards from the main bank. I suspect that if you asked the citizens today, they’d overwhelmingly vote to go back to those restrictions.


Given the things Teddy Roosevelt said of Taft on the campaign trail and the two were friends even, I believed t.

To me here lately has gotten bad though, worse. Maybe it’s the media, maybe it’s just me realizing it isn’t just this guy or that this is all of them.

I’m seeing the madhouse crowds


You’ve been doing that for months now since Trump’s rise to power and often often saying literally that.

Trust us, life will be much different when you’re moved out. Life gets a lot better when you have a perspective not shaped wholly by your family.


squadgoals: literal batman villainy.


From what I’ve read, apparently referencing Bane was a sort of Breitbart in-joke during the campaign. Not surprisingly, Steve Bannon wrote Trump’s inauguration speech.


See also the America First references.


I expect that the “left” are actually the centre-right and the “right” are actually the far right reactionaries. Even then, they aren’t the same.

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