Alien: Inauguration

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Needs a Pence-head coming out of his mouth.


Focus on what is good until the #interregnum is over.


Welp, that took, what, fifteen minutes?


From b3ta, I think.

Well, yeah, makes sense. I didn’t think that was pride and inspiration that my chest was bursting with…


Dude just let it go. He’s elected and sworn in. You’re acting no better than annoying orange for his birther bullshit.


He can be ‘The’ President without being ‘My’ President.

Hell, I’m not a citizen, so he isn’t my president anyway.


Fair enough I suppose, and I will admit this is likely mostly reactionary but as I’ve said on a now deleted thread. The left is sounding a hell of a lot like the right has for the past eight years.

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I am not saying the left is the same as the right so please, don’t bleat ‘logical fallicy’ and then treat me like I am stupid for speaking.

What I am saying is the left is slinging mud and grouching and going at how they will block and obstruct. I am not saying the right is… Right. A lot of the nominations scare me for how transparently cronyistic they are. I just don’t want this trend towards finger pointing and shouting to continue being normal.


Working at the company who made that original poster and teaser was my first job. For the ground under the egg they used a tray of brownies.



Complaining that the Left under Trump sounds just like the Right under Obama feels a little like being accused of being the boy who cried wolf, except the first time you cried wolf was when there was a visibly rabid wolf, and all the other times were some shithead shepard boy trolling the village…


Trump apparently cribbed some of his speech from Bane. Not surprising, really. Twitter video doesn’t embed properly here.


Frankly I dislike how mpost everyone here and elsewhere outside of trump’sccamp has been acting.

Instead of productive actions, attempts at organizing to either drownd congress in paperwork, try finding ways to get things done without government (which trump will loudly take credit for, but whatever,) and cataloging every real actual thing done wrong as opposed to all the ‘secret mooslam’ bullshit the right kept bleating.

Not this ‘not my president’ shit.

The thing I’m most scared of, following the Andrew Jackson parrelel trump seems to want people to make, is oh hey we have a group that he wants to deport. He wants to bar refugees.

He’s making grave mistakes to win the bigotry points. Let’s t make similar mistakes while believing our own hands are clean.

And if you want to sneer down your nose at me. So be it. I have said my piece.

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I’m not treating you as stupid for speaking, unlike you to me, as your word choice (sp. “bleating”) is used to imply animalistic levels of intellect and distress. I was simply pointing out that you were engaged in fallacious thinking, specifically the tu quoque fallacy.

There is certainly a degree of surface similarity. However, I would say that any deeper examination in comparison between the Birther conspiracy theories and the reactions to the demonstrated willingness to engage in unethical and illegal actions by the new administration will show that they are manifestly different in motivation and effect, to the point where they are different in kind.

Even more specifically, the Right’s efforts at blocking and obstructionism over the last eight years has been motivated by petulance, racism, and blatant fear-mongering; in contrast, the Left’s current statements (which are hardly unified) on how to resist the Trump Administration are being done in the likely futile hope that it is possible to resist the onset of a fascist regime intent on mass disenfranchisement and ethnic cleansing.

Or, again: Your fallacy is: Tu quoque.


I’m not sure what that means.

It’s entirely possible to take productive actions (contacting your representatives, being active in local government, voting) while also posting updates on the latest BS out of the Trump administration here on the BB boards.