'conservative spin:' Obama Administration Prepped for Trump

Refute This:

I just got this from my stepdad’s. I haven’t even looked at it because I’m sad and angry and I’m fucking TIRED of trying given everything I offer up is casually dismissed by one means or another. However they are what I see as trump’s base. This is how they think and honestly fervently believe.

This is what your opposition looks like. To laugh at them. To ftalk contemptuous of them. To just disregard them IS HOW WE GOT TRUMP IN THE FIRST PLACE.


But… Yea. Look anyone who cares to try. Because I haven’t the heart for it right now.

Here’s my response:

Trump isn’t a normal president. He’s already shown that he doesn’t care whether america as a country survives, and is doing as much as he can to raid our national treasury (as in the value of the country).

Most previous ex presidents didn’t strongly oppose their successors because they didn’t think their successors would destroy the country. This is different.


Nothing to refute here, though… presidents have free speech rights just like anyone else. It’s far from unprecedented. Former presidents have sniped and backstabbed since the beginning of American history. Politics is a contact sport. If Trump doesn’t like it, he is more than welcome to step down.


Also, the reason W Bush backed down wasn’t out of courtesy. Look at what he’s doing now. He’s a burnt out old man. Never was up to the task of being president, and knows he simply would look like a bigger fool than tRump if he tried to rhetorically spar with Obama.


Honestly feel sorry for W. In hindsight it feels like he took politics up because family business and has grown tired and bitter as a result.


Trump has broken with many traditions. And, to be fair, this wouldn’t be Obama’s first (anyone remember the hubub about how he didn’t always wear a suitcoat?)


I’m still trying to think of something Obama tried to tear down that he built. Other than Guantanamo, and the already-happening removal of troops…


As Zero Hedge pointed out, George W. Bush largely shied away from criticizing President Obama. In fact, most presidents, once they leave office, tend to refrain from going after their successors.

Of course Barack Obama didn’t build his entire foray into politics on a long-discredited racist lie about George W. Bush not being legally eligible to hold the office.

You want respect, you SHOW respect. Even if Trump wasn’t a dangerously incompetent choice for the office I still couldn’t find myself begrudging Obama a little payback.


Barack Obama and a phalanx of liberal groups behind him seem determined to take a different tack.

So, Obama is now responsible for what other liberals do, because he said he’d be cooking up some things after a couple months of vacation?

Bush 41 wasn’t utterly silent when Clinton was president, but that’s because he wasn’t a shameful embarrassment like his son 43 was, a fact that Clinton didn’t say much about (also while his wife was a sentaor). 43 had no standing to say a damn thing about Obama, and he’s lucky we didn’t hand him over to the EU for war crimes and he knows it.

Also. No president has ever promised to undo everything, everything his predecessor proposed.

Obama will show up to the exact degree Trumps rhetoric proves accurate about his legacy. Trump is operating low, Obama is gonna go high if trump goes absolutist about it.


I hope we get to hear Obama asking to see trumps Earth certificate. What plane of existence is he even on??


“You’re going to see me early next year, and we’re going to be in a position where we can start cooking up all kinds of great stuff to do.”

He might of been speaking literally.


Also, do they believe, for one shake of a teeny-tiny lamb’s tail, that Trump will shut the fuck up after leaving office?

Yeah fucking right. (If we live that long, obviously.)


If he leaves office in the state I hope for, perhaps.


Can you smell … what the Barack… is cooking?


How many phone calls a day do you get from Leavenworth? And do they have free wi-fi?

It’s an elegant solution


I read the comments…


I don’t even wanna look at the article not even in private browsing.




And this is what trumpsters seem to prop up as proof Obama was morally unfit for office. That and not putting hand on his ‘heart side’ not saluting soldiers. BEING A SEEKRET MOOSLAM, allowing christians to be persecuted.

Basically nickle and dining over ‘all the little things that show the kind of person you really are.’ Never mind rump has made a career out of bring a loud obnoxious womanizing asshole thatbabusew people then shouts at them it was their fault to begin with.