Trump vs Obama: dealing with protesters

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I’m gonna miss Obama. Lots to criticize him for. . . from the left. . . but there’s a lo to admire too.


It’s only “inciting a riot” when your ideological opponents do it.

When people of whom you approve do it, it’s just “freedom of speech”.


Well, see, this shows exactly why Trump supporters love him so much. He is very exciting, while Obama is so… “blah” (nudgenudge, winkwink)


I wonder how Trump would deal with someone yelling “Liar!” during the State of the Union.



You might even say he’s a “blah” man.


Respect for people who disagree with you. What a concept.

Obama on Paul Ryan: “Speaker Ryan and I may not always agree on policy,” Obama said, “but I don’t have a bad word to say about him as a man.”

I can’t imagine Trump reaching out like that.


Trump looks weak, Obama looks strong. If Trump gets the presidency, his blustery blowhardiness will weaken the US’s negotiating positions worldwide.


Look, I look forward to the prospects of a Trump presidency as much as would relish licking the floor of a public restroom on the Jersey Turnpike, but you’ve gotta be kidding me. What would the Secret Service do if somebody in the crowd, with a red object in hand, got ready to hurl it at Obama? Get roughed up and charged with a felony, that’s what.

The conservative reply?

“See, we told ya he was a wimp! Trump is a bad-ass, Obummer is a total looser (sic).”

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Wait, so are you saying Trump’s words and Obama’s words here sound pretty much alike to you? Because they sound very different to me. In fact, I’ll go out on a limb and say both sides don’t do it.


Um, sure, or maybe. But the point is how these two men deal differently with protesters. Not with potential assassins.


Nobody’s talking about people hurling things at the President or at a presidential candidate. When Obama spoke to protesters, they were chanting slogans or shouting their objections; he was polite, listened to them, and then explained his take on things. Trump was kicking people out and threatening to personally punch them for holding signs for rival candidates.




I think another factor is that Trump attracts especially angry, and often beligerent fans. His speeches consist mostly of fanning these frustrations with his own hectoring, wrestling-match bellicosity. When protesters then become evident, his whipped-up fans tend to attack them. Then when Trump notices a scuffle, he blames the fight on the protesters instead of the actual perps. He then pours gasoline on the fight by encouraging violence against them.

Trump rallies are one big Death Waiting to Happen.


U Stupid Ass, U Stupid Ass, U Stupid Ass, …

I was perhaps being too general in my statement, intending to unkindly stereotype the entire human race, not just two politicians and their respective mobbes.

[quote=“Boundegar, post:12, topic:75136, full:true”]
Wait, so are you saying Trump’s words and Obama’s words here sound pretty much alike to you?[/quote]

No, no. Obama is a skilled public speaker and an eloquent man.

Um, well, wait. I’ll readily agree that President Obama hasn’t publicly incited violence against protesters at his speeches, at least to my knowledge, but saying there are two “sides” implies more than just Obama himself.

If you think everyone who counts him or herself on Obama’s “side” is above the kind of self-serving cognitive reframing I mentioned, I could introduce you to some people.

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Why hasn’t Trump been arrested for inciting violence?

You should read this cool site I found called Boing Boing! Check this out!

Captured: a book of prison inmate drawings of CEOs and other too-big-to-jail criminals

Jeff Greenspan and Andrew Tider are two artists who spent more than a
year working with prisoners to identify CEOs who presided over terrible
crimes without any personal penalties, and paired convicts with CEOs,
commissioning portraits of the rich people whose impunity protected them
from the inmates’ fate.

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Just read this intriguing comment elsewhere; it echoes a lot of what I’ve been thinking about Trump. Inside every extreme, overblown, big-ego narcissist, there’s a little person who knows that the whole act is a lie. They also tend to burn themselves out if they’re the animated center of attention for a long time. How long can Trump keep up the fever pitch during such a long campaign?

With Trump, every once in a while, behind the orange face, I smell fear. More surprised by anyone else by how far his campaign has gone, Trump now fears that he’s one black swan event away from actually having to govern the country, something he knows due to insider information about his own grandiose business failures better than anyone else that he simply cannot do. He can be like poor bloke’s vision of a rich guy, but that’s it. He’s too intellectually scattered and emotionally volatile to actually govern something complex. It’s obvious to us, but he knows this more deeply than we do. He has a profound sense of his inadequacy. He needs to talk about how smart he is, how many words he has, how many friends he has, how many people love him, how the polls have him leading and how big his penis is. You can smell the fear on the guy.