Pope confesses he sometimes seeks shut-eye while praying


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No big deal, especially if one prays just before going to bed and starts off with “Now I lay me down to sleep…”


I wonder if my Rabbi will buy the excuse “The Pope says it’s OK” the next time he catches me napping during his sermon




So prayer finally does have a use.


I swear, this guy is the coolest Pope ever.


Naps are underrated.


Hey. You know the old saying: “Go with Nod.”


Whoever said you can’t pray and sleep at the same time?


This guy was of a differing opinion.


Me too, dude. Me too. In fact, I skip the step of going to church on Sunday mornings and just pretend to pray while I stay in bed.









Woah! That would be a huge change! The biggest change in the church since the Vatican 2 reforms.



Yeah that’s what I thought too … and that’s why there is serious opposition forming in the Vatican:


There are already some married Catholic priests, either converted from Anglican or Protestant Churches, or belonging to some Eastern Catholic Churches. Since the “principle” is already being violated, the practice should be extended to the whole Catholic Church.

What about allowing women to become priests? Is he cool enough for that?


I don’t think it’s a question if Pope Francis is cool enough for women priests, though I suspect he is (and there is historical precedent for it in the earlier days of the church.) He’d have to get the support of the very traditional and conservative Cardinals-- and as the Guardian article illustrates, that’s not going to happen.

Though I’m not Catholic (despite twelve years of Catholic School), so I’m not the best authority on the subject. (Insert salt shaker emoji here.)


He could appoint more progressive Cardinals…