Pope: God says sex and food are A-OK

I mean the official position of the Catholic Church has been that evolution is real and guided by God according to his plan since the 1960’s or so, so yes?

That and the concept of papal infallibility. The church isn’t allowed to directly contradict a previous statement of a pope on a matter of faith, because God wouldn’t allow the pope to say something incorrect on such matters. If there was the right kind of official document then it’s impossible contradict it, per the rules.


Thus the sacred 69. :wink:

Meanwhile, my divorced Quaker dad remarried an RC gal. After attending a service, he asked me, “Do people still believe this stuff?” I had to nod.

Tangential: Many Spanish missions and churches I’ve seen in North and Central America are virtual fortresses, with tall, thick walls… build by the forced labor of women and children while the menfolk worked the fields. Those walls’ mortar is the blood of the enslaved.


I thought pleasure arrived from Amazon but he sounds like an authority on the sex part.

I think the point he is trying to make - the activities of both eating and having sex are both pleasurable but neither should be carried out just for the “pleasure” aspect. There are reasons for both activities unconnected with the pleasure. We eat for pleasure - go out to a fancy restaurant or even takeout because we enjoy the taste - but there are holistic and overarching reasons. The body needs food to survive. That is the main reason for eating, not the pleasure of the taste. Likewise the main reasons for sex are for procreation - creating children - and for the drawing of man and wife together. As it is said “the two become one” through sexual intercourse. In the view of the Church, sex is not supposed to be a throwaway Friday night pleasure like having a drink or a cigarette with whoever happens to take your fancy at the time. It is supposed to be saved for the boundaries of a serious relationship (preferably marriage) and not treated lightly.

Eat fruit, and multiply.

I sense homoerotic-themed irony.

Lady praying mantises agree! Food and Sex AND Praying.


Hey there big boy, wanna pray together?


It helped a lot that the final was Germany v Argentina, so there was a bit of “my home team versus your home team” about it

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In grade school I had a female praying mantis as a pet. One day I caught a male praying mantis and innocently added him to the cage so they could make babies. She ate him from head to toe in under a minute and tossed aside the leftover clumps of wings and legs. It was then I realized the birds and bees was a lot more difficult than I had formerly expected.


Mantids are the only holy insects, y’know. {YHWH} told Moses to save critters that walk on all fours, and mantids are the only insects that do so. All other bugs are Satanic. And I know when a mantid is watching me.

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