The Pope is down with OPP

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I hope very much that this will not be used to downplay responsibility for sexual abuse.


Flesh “sins” aren’t as bad as hatred. Cool cool cool.

And yet the Church just said that trans people must repent or be denied communion, baptism, rites, etc.


Not sure that really translates to being down with “OPP”, but at least it focuses the fact that pride and hate is what is really hurting other people.


Who knew he had even heard of the Ontario Provincial Police?


As far as I’ve seen the only ones taking it that far and actually denying communion is a single diocese in Michigan, so it’s not really the official stance of the entire Catholic Church. Not that it excuses the lack of guidance on the part of the Pope.

From the Washington Post:

There were also individual cardinals and bishops in the US who wanted to deny communion to any politicians that supported abortion rights until the Pope finally told them to cut it out.


Until he does this, he (and the Church by extension) is de facto supporting that stance.

I’m glad the Pope is still throwing down the phat hymns like the old days…

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the way it’s worded could be ambiguous, but the way it was reported above is generally interpreted to mean “premarital sex”
… that’s not what OPP means.
but if you interpret it as “sex outside of your marriage,” then I guess it works.

My wife strongly disagrees with the Pope.

I was scratching my head with OPP.

I guess the acronym I know for it is NTR, but that’s cuz I’m a weeaboo.

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Treach describes it in some detail in the video, and the track is unquestionably a hip hop classic, but his flow is a bit fast; if you’re not used to listening to rap it may not register.
still, it’s highly recommended if you’ve not heard it.

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