Portable payment processor Square raises $150 at $6bn valuation


I feel like the story here is not that Square raised the money, but that investors are now so eager to put money into mobile payment solutions. Square and PayPal have been doing mobile payments for years, but it seems like it took Apple jumping into the mobile payment space for investors to decide that such things are worth their time and money.

I suppose the next step is for Samsung to buy a half-assed mobile payment startup that was born out of Kickstarter so that they can say that they’re in the mobile payment game, just like they did when they wanted to get into home automation.

$150 is really not very much money for a startup to raise. Perhaps you meant $150 million, as the linked article states? But hey, what are six orders of magnitude between friends?


I love the notion that a company does a funding round, raises just enough for a morning’s worth of overpriced coffee for the employees, but that’s still enough data on which to base a total market capitalization calculation.

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