Portrait of a Blind Painter

I don’t often find it necessary to use the phrase ‘mind blowing’ but the paintings of John Bramblitt took a sawn off shotgun to my temple.

Since being blinded by epilepsy at the age of 29, and having never previously painted he went on to develop a technique of painting in colour using his sense of touch.

He began drawing the outline of his paintings with quick-drying paint so that he could trace the raised lines with his finger tips. He then began to fill in the spaces with color. Over the course of painting, he realized that every shade of a color has its own special texture. He uses braille on his tubes of paint but knows how to mix colors to find his perfect shade.

Via. You can find an interview on Creative Cow with him here.



INB4 someone points out he could draw prior to being blind. It doesn’t lessen the impact of his use of colour but I did think his accuracy in form was too awesome to have been learned after becoming blind.

I do concede that may be a very naive view, coming from a seeing person but it was one of the things that struck me initially.

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