A revelatory book of photographs taken by visually impaired people

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I once was at a summer camp that had a photography class. The instructor was fully color blind. He was only able to see grey-scale. He also had other vision problems. It was interesting to hear his perspective.
Class was B&W photography for obvious reasons (not the least it’s easier to develop the film).


In the late 80’s I was working in a camera store selling cameras, film, frames etc. One day a gentleman came into the store and expressed an interest in buying a new camera. He was very low vision, legally blind actually. He used a cane but said he could see light and dark well enough that he wanted to express himself through photography. I was able to get him a camera that had a very large bright viewfinder that let him frame his subjects well enough. I recall that macro was also important. He left quite happy with his purchase, I often wonder how he did and if he is still taking photos now.


Stevie Wonder was a great photographer because he used the right equipment.

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That’s one of my all-time favorite SNL commercials! (I don’t even have to click on the link.)

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