GIFs of great black and white photographs morphing into color


Those are awesome. The GIF of picasso makes me want a cigarette. Next time I need a trigger warning.


Many of the people look embalmed. Colour me unimpressed.


Except for reinvigorating tattooes, it seems to spoil B&W art.


Waste of time. Classic black and white holds its own and nobody knows what the correct color should be.


I’m sorry, but I find this more annoying than entertaining.

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Alt title: Electric Boogaloo 6: The Orangening.


The animation’s a bit ‘meh’, but having tinted B&W photos myself I know how difficult it is, and I find the tinting excellent.


What was kinda cool was that MLK and JFK end up about the same orangish color.


The results are exactly the same as when b/w movies are colorized…Flat, pasty flesh tones, and an overall look that draws attention to the fact that the image has been colorized.

I enjoyed this. Unlike you other killjoys. Some of these colorisations are quite good

When I was in high school I did a project photographing my friends portrait-style and then hand-coloring the b&w prints. It made everybody look really pretty. Maybe oil pastels have something to offer beyond pixels?

It’s like colorizing old movies. Kind of cool from a technical standpoint, but artistically, not so much.

I highly doubt whoever has done the tinting and the animating are the same people. The tinting is pretty good, the tones aren’t perfect but the work is very tidy and generally well done. The animation however is clearly someone just using a brush to “unmask” the colour layer in Photoshop, and doing a really crappy job of it; Einstein is still left with B&W fingertips and a grey spot on his forehead FFS!

“Morphing”? Surely you jest, Xeni – you know better!

I have been unable to find the source photos for these GIFs. There are a couple I’m interesting in knowing more about. Help? Thanks in advance!

Have you tried TinEye?

Yeah. And keywords, and following all the links to see if even the original creator listed the sources. So far, no luck.

My best guess would be that they’re from Life Magazine. I’m sure I remember at least the Churchill one in a compilation book of their photos.
That doesn’t narrow it down much though, as they took Brazillions of photos.

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