This Twitter bot will colorize your black and white photos

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Can I still spend weeks [photoshop’n] on old photos colorizing them, please.


The vast majority of “AI” coloring tools give almost every white person in a shot the exact same skin tones, and every plant one of two shades of green. The other problem is that nearly all of them reproduce the traditional 1950’s Kodachrome color scheme, which has a bright, but limited, palette. The problem began because, in order to convert B&W photos from 20’s and 30’s, they trained systems on color photography from the 50’s and 60’s. The result was a very coloring book approach to color selection. It’s gotten good enough that individual photos can look pretty respectable, but put up a collection of colorized photos from the same system and you can pick out the patterns.


Has anyone posted examples of colorized photos of dark-skinned people? Can the AI tell that dark skin tones in a b&w photo are in fact dark-colored skin, not light-colored skin in deep shadow?


There has been a historic problem in print, film and television lighting technology where the on set procedures e.g. 3 point lighting and the colour processing has evolved to bias ‘white’ skin.


so, this is interesting

look at his hands. look at the tip of the dog’s tongue.

The machine-colorized version of billy holiday is interesting because there’s a refection involved. A human intelligence would probably grasp that mirrors do not change color, but machines are still learning.

Here’s how a record company colorized Billie Holiday. Apparently, richly detailed black and white photos do not sell records.

Id like to see how it handles a picture of Juggalos.


submit it and see.

I don’t have a Twitter account so I can only wonder.

from Image Colorization API | DeepAI

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Fucking colorising, how does that work?


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