Possible cheat when out of likes?

Likes are locked in and cannot be changed after a certain number of minutes. So no.


Forget likes by themselves. I want whuffie so we can have thresholds for viewing (or not viewing).


Ok, so click the “Summarize” button at the top of topics with 50 or more replies :wink:


Thought so…but was hoping to be proven wrong.

So, basically, time-outs are time-outs, no shortcuts?


Not quite the same thing. I was thinking more like reddit or slashdot.

Threading? That’s one thing we are rather against.

It’s like a summer 2013 'nam flashback!

(It does seem that 90% of the experience from change is based on expectations from “the old way”. I’ve seen this transition be very hard, and I’ve seen it be easy, and the common thread is what people were expecting.)

I’d just like to vote people up or down and if they fall below a threshold that I set, I don’t see them anymore. If we did this in aggregate, we could weed out the assholes and trolls as a group.

I never used this word “threading” that you use.

My misunderstanding, then!

You can mute notifications from certain users via your preferences page.


  1. only affects me / is invisible to others
  2. doesn’t hide them in the discussion (so doesn’t actually do anything really)
  3. isn’t crowdsourced to all of us through aggregate voting

I want “this person got 50 downvotes on a comment and is now a troll. Here’s their troll badge” and I can set my reputation threshold to not show anyone with a -30 rating or below, for example.

Or, “This person got 100 upvotes on this comment. They’re Falcor’s Own Child. Here’s a badge” and they surface visibly higher (maybe by showing their badge).

You know, an actual reputation system.

Maybe, but people like that should be asked to leave the community, not merely hidden.

If a person is pissing off one member of the community, it is highly likely that they are pissing off a bunch of other people in the community too.

“If you run into an asshole in the morning, you ran into an asshole. If you run into assholes all day, you’re the asshole.” — Raylan Givens, Justified


Sounds like another feature to add. If you get below a certain number of likes, you’re out!

No – there is no concept of downvoting in social discussion. Flag things that are out of line.

Just ask for help from @like.

I’m aware of that. That was the whole point of it as a feature request.

Don’t worry, I’ve learned my mistake and won’t do it again.

That’s funny!

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I want a macro that will send 1.21 giga watts to @OtherMichael for every bottle of rumchata he sends me.

But seriously:



I think you’ve got at least one more thing coming, but that was definitely the keystone of the entire haul!


not making it about me you all deserve so much for making me feel so much better. The karma you have accrued is unmeasurable.


Awesome. About time that asshole karma gave us a break :laughing: