Possible exomoon reported

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“That’s no exomoon!”


I have heard that The current models for planetary formation say that a moon this large would be orbitally unstable in the long term and would crash into the planet within a few million years of forming.

If it isn’t a false alarm a lot of astronomers are going to be revising their models.

IT’S NIBIRU, THE SHADOW PLANET! It’s 4,000 light years away, but it will arrive in our solar system next Tuesday after lunch because it has an atmosphere composed primarily of hydrazine and it is ON FIRE!. We’re ALL GOING TO DIE !!! AAAAAAAAGGHHHHHH!!!


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It is, mind you, an enormous moon.

the planet is likely several Jupiter masses, while the exomoon has a mass and radius similar to Neptune.

Holy cow. Talk about your understatements.

What if it formed only million years or so ago? :slight_smile:

This moon is in the habitable zone of Kepler-1625 btw.



First Exomoon

Dibs on the band name.

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At first glance I mis-read this as Exomoron.

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Came here for that exact reference, not leaving disappointed!


A quick search revealed that this particular star is over 4 billion years old.

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Neat but YIKES did you see the range on that? 4.37 +4.24 or -2.65 *… so between 8.61 and 1.59 billion years.
*from the wiki source

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