First near-Earth-size planet in “habitable zone” around sun-like star confirmed by NASA


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Can we call it Tombaugh?


As long as we don’t call it Pac Bell Planet or something similar…


Wow…what amazing news!


At least this one is big enough it won’t be retro-actively be demoted to dwarf status.


If you want to be depressed about humanity read the comments on this story at Fox News:


It isn’t Earth’s twin until you can order a coffee there and some alien protein doesn’t poison you.


Did you ever want to play questions?

I’m not convinced that some alien protein won’t poison me the next time I go to Starbucks on Earth…


Just avoid the “Arsenic” and “Peppermint Lead Flakes” shakers they leave out on the table with the sweeteners and the cream pitchers and you’ll be fine.


Can’t see any comments at all.



I didn't hang around long enough to see a "BENGHAZI"

In the words of a more sane commenter: “They’d be cute if they weren’t allowed to vote…”


Current status: “Harmless.”

Awaiting status update…


Its not really very Earth-like. It might be but at this point I reckon as Earth-like as Venus or Mars would be impressive, and those planets are our neighbours right now.


No - we’re calling it Pluto. It’s a done deal, no take backsies.


This doesn’t mean much, Mars is quite close and stone dead. Squint and tell me it exhibits irregular specto-radiographic emanations and we’ll talk aliens.


Now we need to build a spaceship with enough thrust to be capable of accelerating at 1g for about 8 years continuously to get there; special relativity does the rest.


Wow, I took your dare and clicked over. I could only stomach reading the first 10 or so revolting comments before I was overwhelmed by the ignorance, hate and stupidity.

This ideologue is a sociological cancer, it makes me physically sick to read such intellectually stultifying comments. How is it we are still struggling to emerge from the dark ages? It’s obvious people make these comments to foment hatred, ignorance and intolerance.

So like think about that: someone is at their computer, reads some science news and becomes determined to out-rationalize the truth with their own unique and absurd perspective. Once satisfied, they type their missive into a comment and then proceed to trash and troll anything in sight. What is the emotional reward here? What enforces this behavior? Why are people motivated to act out in this way?

Here is a (paraphrased) comment I read over there:
“They just found real information about Pluto, how can they know anything about a planet that far away that we can’t even see?”

This is not a question that an average american with a high school education would ask. A child would would ask this question with sincerity and genuine curiosity, not use it as a rhetorical device to refute hard science.

I can’t even…


If I’ve got my warp factors right this is about 12 hours at warp 8.5?

Build me my Enterprise damn it!


[picture of the facility with half-finished CPP Potkustart (sorry, I cannot find the actual photo)]

I’m afraid we’ll have to build her on our own…