Possible PBBB laptop RPG game


Optimal tactic: Yell for Eabd to start punching these things in the head.Get a shot or two off on his thing. Keep dodging until he gets dogpiled.

Less optimal: Get a shot or two off on his thing. Keep dodging until he gets dogpiled.

Least optimal: Keep dodging until he gets dogpiled.

Very least optimal: Get dogpiled.



(“close combat” = in the same hex)


Also BTW: although Nic can do the rapier/main-gauche style, he has no training with a knife, much less an off-hand one. You’d be rolling against skill 5 to hit with the knife, and 7 to parry with it. You can use it for a cross parry (+2 to your rapier parry, but no multiple parries that turn), but you might be better off with the cloak (+2 to all defences).

For Jibril, getting up takes two seconds: one turn to go to kneeling, one turn to stand. Defences are penalised while you’re down.


Exact words?


“Eabd. Komm halp us fight zeez zings!”

Or, depending on how the next turn goes, “Eabdggggggaaa!”

I figure Nic would know how to order it around in an effective way should it enter the fray. Which I’m not sure it’ll do now since the long dead wizard who designed this place has been several steps ahead of us the entire way.


Close with Thwip and fight back-to-back so that we can’t each get swarmed.

Other than that, same tactics: aim for the gem.


The gems are about the same size as an eye; -9 to hit, miss by one hits skull/brain instead. All of the low-numbered attackers made all-out or committed attacks, though, so a telegraphic might get through.


All right then.

Just close back-to-back with Thwip and try to fight them off as best I can.


I guess I’ll get up.


You can slash some kneecaps while you’re doing it. Or poke 'em with the torch. :slight_smile:

There are two in close combat with you. The torch counts as a light club (baton).


Try to chop off any grapplers, swing for the heads, and push, ignoring any things that get incapacitated or left behind. Basically trying to keep us moving forward. If the situation presents, make a wide swing to hit several of them and maybe draw their attention so that teammates can move more freely.


“Eabd! Komm in here! Inkompacitate my opponents!”

I realize this might seem selfish on the surface. Here’s my thinking though;

According to the latest map the two least melee-skilled characters are getting surrounded, and one of them is the healer. I haven’t figured out just how dumb (or amazingly smart) Eabd’s programming is and I wanted to be as specific as possible about his orders. While trying to give them quickly while Things are in Twips face.

Also, I don’t think it would know us by name so telling it to rescue Blue Hawk might mean nothing to it. Or maybe it’ll go outside to look for a blue hawk to befriend. But since it looks like we’ll be back to back he’ll get rescued too.


What are my options while grappled?


From defender’s POV, you’re at -4 to everything (-2 defences), and:

It’s got your torso grappled with two arms.

Note: you can swing a sword, but see upthread for the long weapon in close combat penalty. Or you can whack him with the hilt, or knee, etc.

From attacker’s POV:

Jibril has Wrestling-14, btw (which will help resisting takedowns). If you drop your torch and/or sword you could grapple back and then throw him down.


If it’s possible with all of the Things coming at him, Thwip will back up to try and at least stay shoulder to shoulder with Blue Hawk. Maybe we can try to get our backs to the wall so we don’t get surrounded.

He will be shooting as often as he can. Cutlass when he runs out of gas and/or bullets. (I haven’t been keeping track but I think he’s at least at half left for both.)

Oh! I just looked at his sheet again. Wrestling is dex based. Huhn. Well, if it comes down to it he’ll take on the Things in the squared circle. Of course, with his Skinny disadvantage they’ll probably just kick him into the next room…


Hey all, I’ll be away for a few days. Please carry on and run Ranar however fits the scene/events. I’m looking forward to reading what happened when I get back.


Before you describe too far; I’m in the middle of resolving the next second of the fight, and Thwip has already broken free of the grapple. He currently has one Thing on the ground at his feet, and three more Things crowding around him. Somewhat scratched up now, too.

Your rifle is in hand, and loaded, although very awkward to use in close combat.


Oh, has he?

This was the plan;

I’m working on the assumption that the wrestling skill is a catchall for grappling martial arts.


BTW, as y’all might’ve noticed, each post is one second of fight. They don’t actually take long to resolve, but writing them up takes a while.


They wanna 'rassle? Thwip’s gonna 'rassle!