Possible PBBB laptop RPG game


I thought Thwip was already looking at that?


@discbot roll 3d6 to pick lock.


@daneel the 3d6 dice reads: 13 to pick lock. (3,6,4)


This is a tough lock; -2 to pick. You’re rolling vs 10.


I’ll have another go, then.

@discbot roll 3d6 to pick lock.


@daneel the 3d6 dice reads: 6 to pick lock. (2,2,2)


Do I get a sense of magic from the box?


Dulshaksotasonyuintakreemant in Anglish: “Two Shakes of Hands In Agreement”


I’m sure that whatever is in the box is completely harmless.


Reaction posts from all players other than Hawk would be good about now.


Just to be clear, after making sure that Eabd is following orders and Lord Arron and his cargo are on their way to safety, Hawk will fit actions to words and book it out of there.


My memory is telling me that the big hall was up stairs from the entrance but that may be wrong. Can we get a full map of everything we explored before our patron broke it?


Since you could reconstruct it from the thread anyway:

The big chamber is upstairs from the entrance. The side chambers are upstairs from the big chamber. North is to the right.


The trap is designed to flood the exit like I thought.

The two questions are now: Were those designs in the ceiling in the first hall a trap for making a swim out impossible. And did our wedging the doors open stick?

I guess we’ll know when we get there.


Just waiting on a post from Nic.


Aronn/Nic/Hawk can’t see what’s happening yet, but I’m assuming that you’ll hear Thwip and Jibril screaming in a second or two.

Jibril’s sword is sheathed, Thwip’s rifle is slung, Ranar’s arsenal is likewise not in hand.


I’m assuming that you’ll hear Thwip and Jibril screaming in a second or two.


Thwip will try to run away as far as he can get, unsling, and start shooting wildly. Since they’re already upon him I figure aiming isn’t doable.


You’re dealing with Thing 1 and Thing 2?


Hawk’s current strategy is to keep Thing 1, Thing 2, and their friends from harming Lord Arron for long enough for him to escape. His tactics for accomplishing that strategy are to put himself between Lord Arron and any current threat, and to try to hit these things square in the gem in hopes that that will disable them. However, he’s not a fighter, and he’ll follow the lead/orders of any of the more combat-experienced party members.


Critical Success for the Thing while shoulder-charging Jibril, BTW.

Pausing largely for dramatic effect here. I’ll do another post continuing the fight for a few more rounds tomorrow; if you want to revise your tactics before then, get in quick.