Possible PBBB laptop RPG game


@discbot roll 3d6 vs greed 12


@Daaksyde the 3d6 dice reads: 10 vs greed 12 (3,4,3)



GM waiting on y’all to tell me what you’re doing. Back out to the large chamber? Is Hawk taking the spear? What exactly are you telling Eabd to do?


Hawk, when he snaps out of his trance, will ask for the spear to be kept aside so that he can enchant it later as a staff (or in case his own spear/staff gets broken). Until then, though, since his role in the party is more magical support rather than combat, he’ll keep the weapon which is more useful to his role.


Where are we again? Back in the big room?

Happy to lead into the next unexplored area but I’m a bit lost.


Thwip ordered Eabd to take the weapons out to the big room, but in general y’all are standing around in Eabd’s hall.

And yeah, back to the big chamber to continue exploring is the obvious next step.


Sick, crashing out. Will post on the narrative thread tomorrow.


Here’s what I’m thinking:

Since Thwip is a back line fighter it would make sense for him to be the one barking orders at Eabd. That way, any enemies will be aware of him and would… hopefully… have to get through three skilled warriors and a metal man that they may not know about until the sword is in their gullet.

But Thwip isn’t as experienced in battle nor as experienced in sneaking around as the others so they should direct our battering ram as needed.


Incidentally, while Eabd is a good warrior, he is very much not stealthy. Clank clank clank clank clank.

OTOH, you’ve all been making huge amounts of noise ever since you got here anyway.


@discbot roll 3d6 to pick lock.


@daneel the 3d6 dice reads: 6 to pick lock. (2,2,2)


Good enough.


Clank clank clank clank clank.

That’s what I was assuming. Which would also make it easier to have Nic Ranar and Jabril surprise any stupid orcs in 10ft x 10ft rooms guarding a treasure chest.

OTOH, you’ve all been making huge amounts of noise ever since you got here anyway.

It ain’t a party if it isn’t noisy, yo.


@discbot roll 3d6 vs 15 for Major Healing


@nimelennar the 3d6 dice reads: 12 vs 15 for Major Healing (3,6,3)


If Eabd obeys orders that counter other orders I say we keep him at a distance at all times. Any enemy can turn him against us.

But regardless of how the experiment works out, Thwip will tell Ranar he’s right to worry and then go help in the room with the big thingy that will certainly kill one of us.


Hawk is quite confused as to why you have the training gladiator following you around, but has been out of it for the last little while, so is assuming that you have a good reason (to carry whatever treasure we find?).


Decoy or battering ram or ass kicker while we take notes or method of our self-destruction when someone with more authority than us shows up.


There’s a magic table to play with and a locked door to open.