Possible PBBB laptop RPG game


If Eabd does’t follow Thwip into the hall and the other room, he’ll stop his experiment knowing it can’t go far from it’s cubbyhole. He’ll then regretfully tell the rest of the party that we do not have a battering ram for the rest of the dungeon.

If it does follow him all of the way, he will gladly tell the rest of the party that we have a battering ram.


Things to do before we move on:

  • Who’s carrying what? Remember weight penalties.
  • Jibril: roll to pick the door?
  • Hawk: how much naptime?
  • All: wotcha doing about light? Jibril’s torch won’t last much longer. Nic’s lantern can be relit, but it’s like carrying a candle without the glass. Aronn has restored his topknot glow, but it’s not very bright and he’s usually up back. He can make one thing glow brightly, but more than that would require an extended nap. Ranar’s shield perhaps?


Let me know if I messed up any of the details about how Eabd manhandled us. I’ll edit to suit. If he’s off about his assumptions, that’s just role play. :smiley:


@discbot roll 3d6 to pick lock.


@daneel the 3d6 dice reads: 11 to pick lock. (6,4,1)


Our options are the room to the south and back down to the big hall?

Or am I piecing together the maps wrong? Could you put together for us what we know right now.

Then again, if you want to be a hardass GM: None of us said we were making a map as we go. :slight_smile:


The bit you’re in now has the storeroom where you found the Haram box, Eabd’s alcove and the hall outside it, and another storeroom that Jibrīl just opened.


Btw, Ranar has flint and steel and a bit of tinder, useful for starting a campfire if there’s kindling and fuel, but he’s woefully unprepared for lighting the way through a dungeon-crawl.


Fill 'er up. When I’m full, I’ll spend the few points needed to do a Major Heal on Ranar, and then move on with that amount of FP.


It looks like it’s back downstairs into the big hall again.


Yup. Just tell me who’s carrying what (and what, if anything, you want Aronn to cast his Continual Light spell on) and we’re good to go.


So far as I remember I am carrying the haram box and I’ve swapped out tulwars.


IIRC Thwip left his sword behind to be looted by the centaurs because he was over carrying capacity so picking up a new one might not work depending upon if you’ll overlook a pound or two.


Even when the new one is worth many thousands of dollars due to masterclass metalwork?

These aren’t just weapons, they’re treasure.


Can they be sold off to build an observatory in the mountains?


I haven’t done the math, but the total value is probably around $40,000.


I wonder if Thwip can convince the others to go into a life of science should we get back?

Anyway, sure. He’ll take the cutlass handed to him before we head back downstairs.

I’m not sure what can be done about the light though. What we all decided to bring with us is hundreds of posts ago. :slight_smile: I am pretty sure he did bring the greek fire. Maybe light Eabd up and see how long he burns?


“Ahem. What do yi all tink aboot how t’ handle are friend here?”

I’m starting to think of Thwip’s dialect as something between Scots and Quebecois. It’s hard to pin down something like that in text. I’m no Chris Claremont.


So far I’ve got Ranar grabbing the pair of axes, Thwip taking the cutlass (dropping something or taking the encumberance penalty?), Jibril swapping his tulwar and Nic swapping his rapier.

Any weapon that isn’t specifically claimed by someone is left on the floor. Each weapon is worth half a year’s of mercenary’s pay.


I don’t think he has anything on him to balance the weight that he can drop aside from the rifle.

No cutlass then. If he survives and the vault doesn’t explode in a dramatic way at the end of the adventure, he can go back for it.