Possible PBBB laptop RPG game


Well, not much choice. He last told Eabd to rescue Hawk and the others are cut off so he has no expectation of rescue now. He’s gonna turtle up and use whatever he can should a Thing hop on him. Wrestling skills or tooth and claw. Or both. There was some sort of college wrestling counter move they could use from that position…

Or he can get up and run into the wall. Hopefully they’ll laugh themselves into surrender.


The plan in full.


Actually, no he didn’t; that statement was interrupted by Thing attack. Jibril has been shouting at Eabd to go to Hawk after you, though.


Actually, no he didn’t; that statement was interrupted by Thing attack.

Ah. I’ll stick with current plans all things considered. Healer needs rescuing. Needs of the many, and so on. Edited the post.


Well, that’s lovely, innit?


What are our options for waking Hawk up?

  1. Healing magic.
  2. First aid and wait ten minutes or so.


Well. That’s depressing.


Can Thwip now see everything or is he still with limited vision? More importantly: Can he see Eabd taking a smoke break?

Dazzle is just a -3 if my search of this thousand post thread is correct?


Yup, -3 to anything requiring vision.

Thwip can see everyone in the main chamber.


Thwip grabs his gun

Not sure if it was dropped during the melee or if he still has it. I’ll edit the post if it’s not in reach.


Dropped but nearby. And unloaded.



I’ve been trying to do head math while scrolling around this thread looking for the game mechanics for the rifle. I seem to recall that the chamber only holds ten shots at a time. What I can’t recall is how much of his spare magazine he used when reloading before we entered the dungeon after the centaur fight, but I think he still has bullets available in his spare magazine. If it comes down to using the rifle as a club/ quarterstaff/ buck-and-a-quarter staff, so be it.

Thwips priorities at the moment are: a) Keep his shit together in a crisis situation. b) Keep Blue Hawk alive.

Here’s the plan going forward: Should Eabd be able to keep Things off of him, should he not trip over his own feet due to the dazzle, and should be not get blinded or grappled again, he’ll see how bad Hawk is. If there’s time to rummage through Hawks belongings for first aid materials to use he will. If he has to do the manly-man’s “Ripping off your shirt to use a bandages” he’ll do that too.

If the Thing does get to him first: Ground and pound. Or get pounded into the ground.


Unloaded in the sense of uncocked; there are still about fifteen rounds in the magazine.

Just a one-second Ready manouvre to get it firing again.


Okay. The plan then:

  1. Not sink into a mad panic
  2. Order Eabd to cover the two of them
  3. See to Hawk’s injuries best he can in a combat situation

Shooting and/or 'rassling will recommence when the situation demands it. I’m working on the hope that the others returning the box will do something about the endless waves of Things.


Ranar is going to try to knock things out of the way and/or incapacitate them enough to give Aronn and/or Nicolas a chance to get back to the map room. If/when things calm down in the corridor, he’ll head out to check on Hawk, Thwip, and Jibril.


Might be a bit slow for the next few days. Not real healthy at the moment.


Isn’t Thwip solidly under zero HT now with that last hit? He started with 9.


Yup, which is why he’s having to roll against passing out each turn.

Zero HP isn’t dead, it’s “risk of unconsciousness”. You don’t have to make death checks until -1xHP, with automatic death at -5xHP.

Thwip’s currently at -3HP. First death check at -10, auto-death at -50. Both KO and death checks are HT rolls, so 9 or less on 3d6 in Thwip’s case.

Thwip has 10HP at full health, BTW. HP are based on ST, FP are based on HT.


Hawk: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

I think I understand why my previous GM required that all players take High Pain Threshold as an advantage, and house-ruled out the unconsciousness checks for those with HPT (or maybe the house-rule was that you had to make an unconsciousness check at 0, -1xHP, -2xHP, etc., but not each round).

A week going by with nothing to contribute is not a lot of fun.