Possible PBBB laptop RPG game


I’ve lost track a bit, could we get a light source check? I think Nic’s practically in the dark at the moment, is that right?



Jibril has a torch, Aronn has a (dim, candle-equivalent) magical light, and there are dying Things going off like flashbulbs all over the place.

Aronn’s still close enough for now to let you avoid running into the wall, but combat darkness penalties are starting to build (to avoid them entirely, you’d need to stay within a few yards of him).


A week going by with nothing to contribute is not a lot of fun.

Make your own fun like I did. :smiley:

Anyway, Thwip is going to try and provide cover / distraction/ a target for the remaining Things while Eabd gets Blue Hawk out of the danger zone. He will use whatever is available to him. Be it a gunshot to the face or a kick in the knees or screaming in pain as he is torn apart.


Nic could drag Jibril backwards at one hex per turn while defending him with his rapier if you sheath/drop the main-gauche, but you won’t be getting the usual +3 bonus to parry from retreating and it’ll be close combat if they get past your first blows.

Ranar could shift him at two hexes per turn if he drops Thwip and picks him up. Also, Ranar’s shield is still lying in the middle of the corridor. Eabd’s shield is out in the main chamber.


Your character is a bit goofier than mine.

If I were to do a Hawk-dream, it’d be something involving the spirits, foreshadowy and meaningful, but I don’t have anything to foreshadow as I don’t know what the plot is.


Hawk is likely to be healed into consciousness by Aronn in the near future, BTW.




Current health status: Hawk is at -4HP, Thwip is at -3HP, Jibril is at -2HP, all three are slowly bleeding out from their countless scratches (1HP/minute sort of thing). Everyone else is unharmed.


I hope someone who isn’t bleeding to death has first aid skills.


Waiting to hear what Nic and Ranar want to do.


Ranar’s thinking that he has to try to stabilize Thwip now, as quickly as possible, then get Jibril stabilized (and up the stairs if there’s time), so that he can take Jibril’s place on guard. He’s hoping Aronn and/or Blue Hawk will be able to take it from there soon. Not enough time to run back and forth, and he thinks he’d best be on the front line (although the water is a bit terrifying).


How first aid works:

[quote]The two main uses for First Aid skill (p. 195) are bandaging and treating shock.

It takes one minute to apply pressure or a tourniquet to stop bleeding. This restores 1 HP. Using the Bleeding rule (p. 420), someone who is wounded but receives a successful First Aid roll within one minute of his injury loses no HP to bleeding. A later roll will prevent further HP loss.

Treating Shock
After bandaging, the aid-giver may take extra time to apply a more elaborate dressing and treat the victim for shock. He must keep the victim warm, comfortable, calm, and still. After the time indicated on the First Aid Table,he may roll against First Aid skill. On a success, the medic rolls as indicated on the table to see how many HP the victim recovers – minimum 1 HP. A critical success restores the maximum possible HP! This roll includes the 1 HP for bandaging; thus, a roll of 1 HP restores no further HP. On a critical failure, the victim loses 2 HP instead of recovering any HP at all![/quote]

Note that bandaging is a one-minute job, and that the entire fight so far has gone for about thirty seconds.

Also note that the map room has a metal door.


Ohh. My concept of time was backwards. :confused: In that case, Ranar will keep trying to get everyone regrouped to the map room, then start patching people up.


@discbot roll 3d6 vs 12 (Will)
@discbot roll 3d6 vs 15 (Spell)


@nimelennar the 3d6 dice reads: 12 vs 12 (Will) (2,6,4)
@nimelennar the 3d6 dice reads: 11 vs 15 (Spell) (6,1,4)


Just barely passed the Will roll, made the spell comfortably.

I reckon you can come up with something good for the narrative thread from that. :slight_smile:


Done. I think I may have pushed the limits of what might be possible in one second, but not by too much.

Hawk’s to-do list:

  1. Get up; command Eabd to go help the others
  2. Heal/un-paralyse other party members
  3. Get into the null-magic area with Lord Arron and defend him.

Current FP status on Hawk?


Hawk has 4FP.

Aronn is staggering and obviously exhausted.

You can’t regain magic-used FP while in the no-mana zone, BTW. Also, Hawk’s spear and shield are still out in the main chamber where he fell.


Lovely. There goes my whole plan of “How we’re going to get out of here.”

All right, alternate plan.

  1. Get up; command Eabd to go help the others
  2. Heal/un-paralyse Thwip (1 FP for 4-point Major Healing spell, 1 FP for paralysis).
  3. Get Lord Arron into the null-magic zone and hope that getting the box in there stops the bad stuff.
  4. Stay outside and try to rest and regain some magic.

ETA: how much higher are the side chambers compared to the main chamber?


About four feet.

The box is already in the no-mana zone; Aronn replaced it just before healing Hawk.

The map room does have a metal door, which Thwip or Jibril could lock given a minute to work.