Possible PBBB laptop RPG game


Given that the Things can go through walls (which Hawk currently doesn’t know), that thought does not inspire much confidence in me.


We didn’t explore that wall since we went around counter clockwise. Might have been an illusory wall instead of phasing Things. Or maybe the vault is making them from itself. Maybe the vault is the voice we’ve been hearing and it’s alive? Has anyone offered it a jelly baby?


Ranar’s objective is to get Jibril up out of the water and up into the map room. I’m thinking he would just try to shove the Things away as needed to do so (and try to avoid being grappled in the process). If he gets past de Courcy with Jibril, he’ll urge de Courcy to come along as well.

[apologize for being a bit off lately; I’ve had difficult family/personal stuff going on, and was stuck in a hotel with lousy wifi for awhile]


No longer in combat; no more need to do it in 1-second actions.


Thwip healind

@discbot roll 3d6 vs heal (15) (1 FP/4HP)
@discbot roll 3d6 vs paralysis (15) (1FP)

If I remember correctly, the only one I’ve healed today has been Ranar (not counting the Neutralize Poison, which doesn’t stack with the healing spells).

Can I get a run down of the other people who need healing or are paralysed?


@nimelennar the 3d6 dice reads: 14 vs heal (15) (1 FP/4HP) (6,6,2)
@nimelennar the 3d6 dice reads: 7 vs paralysis (15) (1FP) (3,1,3)


Thwip is the only paralysed one.

Jibril is at -2HP, Thwip was at -3 (now at +1 and conscious), Hawk’s at +4. Everyone else is unharmed.



If anyone has First Aid and wishes to help Jibrīl, Thwip and Hawk by binding wounds, that would be muchly appreciated. Hawk doesn’t have nearly enough juice to make all of those scratches go away.


Thwip being paralysed is going to make locking that door hard.

Can he give Nic instructions?


Thwip should no longer be paralysed. That was the second spell that Hawk cast.


Anyone can give Nic instructions, for a reasonable fee.


Is there the right amount of space between the floor and the door to use Eabd’s foot as a wedge?


Nope, tight fit all around.


Despite the magical healing, Thwip, Hawk and Jibril will still require bandaging to control bleeding, BTW.

Unless Hawk casts this:


Eabd’s shield, Ranar’s shield, Hawk’s shield and spear and most of Eabd’s high-value armoury [1] are outside with the Things.

[1] Apart from the rapier, main-gauche, tulwar and throwing axes. Eabd still has his longsword.


Is Thwip able to get up and make a go at locking the door? Would Eabd be holding it steady enough to not have too big of a negative to succeed?

Also, would he be able to make use of Jabril’s tools if they’re needed?


Yup, yup, and that’s up to Jibril.

Eabd doesn’t seem to be having any trouble holding it, though.


@discbot roll 3d6 vs 15 to heal Jibrīl (4HP/1FP)


@nimelennar the 3d6 dice reads: 12 vs 15 to heal Jibrīl (4HP/1FP) (5,1,6)


Oh, shoot. I just realized that Stop Bleeding is free. I was worried about it costing FP, but I forgot about the skill>15 discount. Derp

@discbot roll 3d6 vs 15 for Stop Bleeding (Hawk)
@discbot roll 3d6 vs 15 for Stop Bleeding (Jibrīl)
@discbot roll 3d6 vs 15 for Stop Bleeding (Thwip)