Post-Brexit, EU Commission plan to ram through disastrous Canada-EU trade deal dies

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As both left- and right-wing campaigners on both sides of the Atlantic have started fighting against these so-called "trade" agreements, they're beginning to crumble.
This is why they have to rush to ram them through now, before people use Democracy for democratic purposes.

Maybe it’s too early to call it, but it feels like brexit might be the high-water mark of corporate globalization.

The third world stopped believing in the promise of trade liberalization and privatization a long time ago, and have basically been dragged along. But Brexit marks the abandonment of “the neoliberal dream” by the first world. When even the UK - the supposed beneficiary of global exploitation - walks away from the arrangement, who is left to keep it going?

This is a good thing. It’s just disheartening that we didn’t have the political weight to tip the scales until the rise of the anti-global fascists.


The EU is behaving anti-democratically? If only there were some way for its member states to signal their displeasure.

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