Post Things That the World has been Awesome At


With all the crappy news about crappy government overreach, crappy corporations, and the sad crappy fact that even with things being better than they used to be race and national tensions are still a thing…

How are things good in the world? I ask this not to try painting over the bad, but as a reminder that there is awesome and wonderful out there so we don’t gt so stuck on the crap that we forget to look.

After all you can’t properly help change the bad if you’re so burnt out you’re angry enough to snap at people agreeing with you, just not using the same descriptives. Am I being naive? Entirely possible. I just want a little bit of ‘hey things aren’t complete shit out there.’


Not only have we been to the moon and back, we brought some of it home with us.


There seems to be no limits to what Food Scienticians can invent!

Insane food creations of 2014


I will posit that the macaroons alone are proof that there is plenty of awesome in humanity.


What is our world great at? This may sound pedestrian, but life.

Also the world is very good at magma.


Music… a means to share fears, joys, and knowledge?

Examples - Paul Robeson:

The Pogues:

Melt Banana:

Are we doing this because we’re all depressed and want to cheer ourselves up?


The path of life is more delicious when one has stopped and smelt the roses.


Baby goats!


And more music because this really makes me happy, the magic starts at 2:00

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