Post your Pet or animal Pics


There’s a big fat bunny that hangs out in our backyard. Sometimes, Chaplin just fails to notice him entirely, even when he’s 3 feet away. Today he spotted Mr. Frederick Bun (I named him) while he was still inside.

Obviously you can’t tell from the picture, but Chaplin was literally vibrating with excitement. If he were a cat he’d be making that chittering noise.

The bunny is easily as big as Chaplin so I really hope he doesn’t ever actually catch him, because even odds who’d win that encounter.

Edit: Frederick Bun is probably Frederica because there were like 5 baby bunnies in the yard last night.

This very tiny bird was determined to get into my living room this morning. He kept pecking at the glass and then trying to fly in. If I tapped on the window he was visibly startled, but he didn’t fly away. I put a large stuffed cat in the window, but that didn’t deter him either.

I put a piece of cardboard up, hoping he’d decide that wasn’t a place he could go, but he just kept pecking at the window behind the cardboard. I finally went out front and scared all the birds out of the rhododendron. For now. They’ll be back.


cmon lady the previous tenant would come feed us… get with the program.


I was thinking it was “Bitch, can’t you see it’s raining out here?”


My sweetie is traveling for work, so there is only one person available to pay attention to Madeline and it’s insufficient. I’ve been getting a wet nose to the arm every hour today.

Also, isn’t it time for walkies?
Are you sure?
. . .
How about now?


Luna. Like most Siamese, she looks like an ethereal goddess but has a voice like a doppler-shifted two-stroke chainsaw discovering nails in a fence post.

Luna and Lebowski,so called because he’s a world class abider.

When you put it like that


Makes me miss the lovable bluepoint I had when I was a kid; Yasmine.


Epic game of Hall Ball


My mother would love you!
I can still hear her wedding band being banged against the window followed by the sound of her opening the window followed by some expletive filled rant impugning the Bluejay’s heritage several times a day (grackles received similar treatment)


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Floof like an Egyptian:


Enter the floof.


We could stage a floof-off, but comparing tummy floof with butt floof isn’t really a good comparison.

Manny’s event is definitely butt floof, which lacks the sweetness of tummy floof.


Fuzzy pants!
Needs Jeff Goldbloom’s torso shooped onto there…

She looks like the manx we had when I was a kid ('cept Lena was about 3x rounder) – she had the softest belly floof evar.


That is some impressive floof…but yeah, not particularly inclined to bury my face in it.


Someone please gif the shit out of this.



Mustn’t underrepresent Nori Longshanks.


OK, so this isn’t the best gif ever, but I has it for you:

The history of the Internet's first viral video

Kitty loves doof, hates interruptions.


Yay! Was the jazz hands shot too off-frame?