Postdates: send gig workers to "get stuff back from your ex"

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An easy way to get shot, I think.


This is amazingly foolish and likely to end up with people getting hurt, as @knoxblox points out. If your ex isn’t a mature enough adult to willingly return your stuff in the condition you left it, you find another way, or you learn to move on without it. For some things, there’s potential sentimental or price value you want to recoup, in which case you take them to court. Ultimately… it’s just stuff, and most of it replaceable.

The tech vultures are back at it, folks.


Maybe the point isn’t that your ex isn’t willing to return the stuff but you don’t want to meet her/him ever? If the breakup wasn’t a very peaceful one I’m expecting that both parties would rather have a third to move the stuff. A neutral friend would be another option but they don’t always exist.


Friends is fine if you don’t want to see each other (ie, “find another way”). Anonymous gig workers? Bad idea, terrible idea.


I suppose it wouldn’t be any more dangerous or unpleasant than working as a process server.


Or assaulted.

There’s even a break up song that talks about getting one’s mutual friends to collect belongings afterward.

Having a poorly-paid stranger do it is such a bad idea, on so many levels.

Given how bitter and unstable some people get after a relationship ends badly, though? I’d say it’s likely to be even more dangerous, because its much more personal than mere unwanted legal paperwork being delivered.


Indeed. The third party has to enter the ex’s residence or workplace and remove something identified by another person. I’m sure the person hiring “PostDates” would never identify stuff that wasn’t actually theirs, what with the relationship having ended on such friendly terms.

To work for this company you’d have to be a thrill seeker, a masochist, or have a death wish.


This sounds like a legal nightmare and possibly a death trap or at least the way they’re advertising it seems irresponsible.


This sounds like a joke



From their FAQ: "Depending on the situation, we’ll reach out to your ex (or whoever) to see if they either A) have your items and are willing to let us come pick then up or B) are willing to accept the delivery for the items that you’re returning to them. "

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Glad you explained. I hadn’t heard of Postmates so when I saw this on the twatter earlier I was confused as fuck

I still think serving a Temporary Restraining Order against a physically abusive partner whose wife just took off with the kids would be at least as fraught as asking someone’s asshole ex to return their DVD collection.


“No, you didn’t have to stoop so low
Have gig-workers collect your records
And then change your number”

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That’s a really specific example, which is not applicable to all process servers.


Not an uncommon one though; the one time I hired a process server was to serve a TRO. The nature of the job involves dealing with unpleasant people who aren’t going to be happy to see you, much like I imagine this job would. I wouldn’t want either gig myself.

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True enough.

Still, all personal anecdotes aside, I’d argue that anyone working for ‘postdates’ would be walking into a hostile situation pretty much every time they venture forth to do their job.


Because I misread “latest,” I am now wondering (and also frightened to find out) what the last amazingly bad idea on the internet will be. I mean, something is going to be the last amazingly bad idea, someday.