Poster shows 121 types of American house

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No dingbats?


Sadly, nay, tragically, “New Traditional” houses are most common around here. For every nice contemporary home that goes up, there are 10 ridiclulous, ornate monstrosities that attempt to be something they’re not. What snapped in these people’s brains when they thought (for example) that a 19th century spanish country villa, would look good in West Vancouver? A few simple rules:

  1. Build in the style of the day.
  2. Build what is appropriate/logical/efficient from an engineering perspective, given the (local) materials you are using.
  3. Don’t fake anything. This means no fibreglass Ionian columns, or wooden houses rendered to look like stone etc.
  4. Respect the land it is built on. Shape the house, not the land.
  5. Build for yourself, not for resale.

Acid house, micro house, euro house, tech house, electro house, jump house, G-house, Deep House, Bass House…


We do not all have the resources to custom-build a house, although Minecraft has made it much easier.


0.Buy something that is already there.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. An existing house is the least waste of resources vs. all new construction.


It’s all just rectangles on the inside.

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And Brady house.


Now we can get some people arguing. What style is the Brady house, technically?

I would say, midcentury modern. But I’m no expert.

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Depends whether you’re talking internal or external I suppose.
I built a Sketchup model of the house based on the internals, and being a studio set, it looks nothing like the outside.
(Added facade to match exterior view).

exploded view


I don’t see my childhood home…
It was shaped like the garage in this pic (partially behind the birch trees) – sort of an A-frame with wings… (wasn’t built like an A-frame, though). They chopped the peak off of the house when I was a kid and turned it into a ranch-style.

Wow, I was just thinking of the external view, but you went all Room 237 on me. (The Shining documentary.) They had me fooled. Totally tromped my oeil.

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Yep. But as our population continues to grow, new houses are the reality. I’ve never had a house built, always using recycled houses, but it doesn’t stop me from having a view on the (lack of) architectural merit of reproduction styles. I love old houses, but not new houses that are built to mimic old houses.

That style is common here. I simply refer to them as Brady Bunch style. I like them. They make me feel nostalgic for a time when we (mistakenly) believed it would all turn out for the best; that the American dream was achievable for everybody forever.


Here in Seattle there seems to be hate for the modern style ones calling them ‘Monster Houses’ though they are not any bigger than any of the large traditional style houses in the area and it is mostly tall as they look to have a smaller footprint and build up an extra story. Personally I think they look cool.

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