Poster shows locations of 42 Great American Novels

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Aw, man. Got so excited for a second there thinking that some novel hiterhto uknown to me took place in Sacramento (my home town). But, sadly, no… just too many of them take place in San Francisco, and “On the Road”'s dot spilled out into the valley.

OH boo freaking hoo.

I’m from Kansas. We have the Wizard of Oz and In Cold Blood (which isn’t fiction).

No American Gods (SEE ROCK CITY!!! But The Color Purple is on there!

Gotta report a correction… it’s Estes Park, CO.

Considering that in the book The Shining, Jack used a roque mallet and not and axe as in the movie version, this map is inaccurate.

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Invisible Man is in South Carolina only for the first chapter or three. The bulk of it takes place in NYC. Likewise, On The Road is, y’know… on the road.

If you’re more into the interactive thing, a local high school English department made this:

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