Map breaks down most popular books set in each state

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Yeah we know that’s Hawaii. What’s its most popular book?


I’ve never even heard of The Art of Racing in the Rain. Doesn’t sound very interesting either.

But it’s odd to me that I ended up reading a lot of novels set in the PNW/written by Pacific Northwesterners before moving here (thinking Chuck Palahniuk, Neal Stephenson, William Gibson and Doug Coupland, off the top of my head). Must be fate.

Never read any Twiglet, neither.

Also, isn’t Brave New World set in the UK more than New Mexico?

No series of books? Then what is the green mile doing there?

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It was released again as a stand-alone book, I believe, not long after it’s initial release. People seem to forget it was originally released as a series.

The Stand is the most popular book set in four different states. Fascinating.

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Wasn’t American Gods in a series with Anansi Boys?

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I think they are only set in the same universe, but really aren’t considered a series…? They can be read stand alone.

I still am waiting on the HBO series and the sequel. If Neil would stop knocking up AFP, we could get our American Gods part the second (kidding about AFP… I saw her on her recent tour, she was pregnant and lovely).

Actually, five - they forgot Arizona when listing them in the detailed part of the article. The article does get it right in the opening paragraph, though.

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The Color Purple, FTW in GA! I’m glad it’s that and not the Walking Dead. I love the Walking Dead, don’t get me wrong, but The Color Purple should be required reading for all.

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Conversely, they only credit Delaware as a location in Beloved – which is where the story is “told” – when the entire plot spans decades and quite a few states.

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Parsed it as most popular books read in each state, and kept thinking this can’t be right.

I don’t remember exactly*, but isn’t The Stand kind of set all over the USA? Does that mean the four states really had nothing very popular just about them and had to share?

*I do remember Maine, because Maine is always there somewhere with Stephen King, isn’t it?

I think the main settings were Maine, Nevada, Arkansas, and Colorado… Massachusetts too (if i’m remembering correctly)?

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*"Leaves of Grass" for Virginia? How so? Is there another one apart from Walt Whitman’s poetry?

They said they excluded books from series that couldn’t stand alone. But Twilight’s first volume, while obviously wanting sequels, stands by itself just fine, and really belongs to have the Washington State slot.

Not a single duplicate~


Easy there, caps bold. Don’t the multiple 'The Stand’s mentioned above count as duplicates?

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Its a map of the most popular books SET (at least partly) in each State. So most books aren’t even an option in most States.

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Yes, you are right, I missed ‘The Stand.’
So I was probably wrong, yet: suspiciously little overlap between states, which normally means that for each state they pick an option that has higher popularity than all other states, not necessarily being the most popular for that state.

I think you’re making the same mistake I did. It’s not the most popular book sold/read in each state, but the most popular books overall with stories set in each state. As mentioned above.