Gorgeous pulp-fiction editions of Gaiman's Anansi Boys and American Gods


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Sweet. I can add a fourth copy of American Gods to the two I somehow bought after buying the first one.


Oh, they are great. Bad and bad, but want.
But wont allocate money for an other cover version of books I already have. Not rich enough for that.


Been re-reading American Gods this weekend… I really love that book.


I really need to hurry up and re-read it in advance of the television adaptation hitting television screens early next year. And re-read Anansi Boys in advance of the BBC adaptation of that as well, given that it was expected to be broadcast this year (though I’m wondering now if it’s been filmed yet, or even will be).


I know! And take a trip to the house on the rock or Rock city, before they get overrun by tourists who saw the show.

Any clue when Anansi Boys is coming out? And if it’s going to be on the Netflix anytime soon after it’s out? BBC shows seem weird on the netflix…


I read it when I was traveling halfway across the country to attend two funerals in the same week (long story). It provided a much-needed bit of dark escapism for me.


That’s funny, since I was reading it at a funeral, too!


All those barns along I-75 painted with “See Rock City” have nothing on American Gods. American Gods is turning Rock City from tourist kitsch into… a different type of tourist kitsch?


Yep. I keep meaning to go (since I live so close) and to see if it’s impacted how Rock City is run… like, are they exploiting the book to get people in (the website doesn’t mention it)? I can’t imagine they won’t after the show (if it plays the same role in the book).

Maybe some of that is how mass media has changed over the years. In the South, those barns WERE the mass media. With the advent of the interstate system and TV, not so much.


My parents live near there, yet I’ve never seen it. I’ve been seeing those barns for ages. The barns were a part of my childhood. The actual Rock City? Not so much.


Oh man. As a designer this sort of thing would be my dream project.
“Hey, can you lovingly replicate cheesy-looking fantasy novels of the 60s, 70s, and 80s?”
“I’M ON IT!”


Apparently Anansi Boys was (very) tentatively penciled in for a 2016 air date, but, looking around, there’s no news since 2014 and it clearly hasn’t even been cast yet, so it’s also clearly not happening before, say, summer of 2017. I assume it’s still happening since the 2014 announcement was quite definite that this was something going into production (and not just being optioned or considered).
Netflix seems to have gotten pretty good about carrying (recent) British shows of this sort, so I’d expect to see it there within a year - and probably more like six months - of airing in the UK. (The traditional lack of legitimate means of watching most British shows has trained me to reflexively torrent them, so I’m still not used to having them available on Netflix.)


If you’re ever near Chattanooga, it’s worth going… sort of schlocky and hokey, but also a historical oddity, in a weird kind of way. Plus, that area around look out MT is just beautiful.


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