Fantasy book adaptations coming to the small screen in the near future

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Oooh, Anansi Boys! Doubly excited if they managed to stick with Orlando Jones in the role.


Just happy to see diverse stories from diverse perspectives and will do my best to watch.


I read The Ninth House. It was decent enough and thought it was written more as a pitch for a show / movie. I think it will translate well to the screen.

One fantasy book I read that I would recommend to all you fantasy loving boingers is “The Black Tongue Thief” by Christopher Burlman. I thought it was the best contemporary fantasy book I read in a very very long time.


Thank you for the suggestion.


Looks like they’re doing it as a standalone series instead of a spinoff of the Starz adaptation of American Gods, with Delroy Lindo as Mr. Nancy.


Well, every cloud and all that. We need more stuff with Delroy Lindo in it.

IIRC, the Mr Nancy from Anansi Boys was considerably more chill and laid back than Orlando Jones’s electrifying turn in American Gods.


Some Jack Vance would be nice.


Apparently, looper believes that you shouldn’t actually read these sorts of articles by scanning for {Netflix|Prime|Showtime|HBO|Criterion|Hulu|Mubi|Nebula|ESPN|DisneyPlus}

Court of Thorns and Roses “seems the series is still a ways off, fans can expect it to stream on Hulu once it does drop.”
Red Queen: "According to Variety, Red Queen has a series order at Peacock and is being spearheaded by "
Ninth House: “which was purchased by Amazon Studios in a lively bidding war. Pouya Shahbazian, who adapted the”
The Power: “in fact, Atwood was a mentor to Alderman. Fans are patiently waiting for the series, which will premiere on Amazon Prime in 2023.”
Who Fears Death: “According to a 2020 announcement from Deadline, Circe is getting the TV series treatment with an eight-episode series order from HBO Max. Writers Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver,”
Black Sun “is Rebecca Roanhorse’s Black Sun, which is set to premiere on AMC in the near future.”
Anansi Boys “In 2021, Variety announced a limited series order of six episodes for Gaiman’s Anansi Boys to be produced by Amazon Studios.”

“Poppy Wars” It’s unclear where or when the series will be available "

“Atlas Six” the subject of an intense bidding battle between networks looking to buy the rights. Amazon emerged as the victor, and fans of The Atlas Six can look forward to a
streamable series in the future. Partners Tanya Seghatchian and John Woodward will"


A shame…Jones blew me away as Anansi. I can’t say I was ever impressed by his acting before but his introduction was one of my favorite TV moments ever.

Lindo is always good though so I’m sure I’ll still enjoy it.


Is there a text list available? I like what I’m reading, but I’m not watching that.


I am antsy - nay, cranky - for an Anne McCaffrey Dragonriders of Pern movie adaptation. The only enjoyment I found in Avatar was that dragons could finally be well rendered, and GoT amped my hopes higher.

Somebody, please!!


I read about The Worm Ouroboros the other day and I was astonished no one’s tried to pick it up for an adaptation of one kind or another. I guess it just doesn’t have enough name recognition?

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and Roger Zelazny.


Luckily Anne McCaffrey never highlighted certain aspects of dragon mating flights and their human riders, so they could sidestep that, or not. (Greens also go into heat, so what happens when all the riders involved are male?)


Oh the pearl-clutching that would ensue.

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Not my observation. I believe she mentioned it at her talk at a con in Niagara Falls once, and the reaction when some fans realized the implications, evil laugh. (The costume completion was, of course, Pern-related. There was a master-class hatching queen’s egg, and she rushed the stage to impress it. Fun times!)


Every 10 years, someone is adapting the Amber Series. Crickets so far

I was wondering about the Kingkiller Chronicles TV series and where that was - and it sounds like it’s in about the same place as Book 3 - vaporware.

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