American Gods will be a TV series

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Couldn’t stand that book. Pretentious and dull. Just about everything else by Gaiman is so much better, says I. (Also, it seems that Adams laid most of the groundwork with The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul. Which isn’t very good either.)

Anyway, this seems like the third time I’ve heard that the TV series is starting up, so I’ll believe it when something is in the can.

Can’t wait.

Had the same reaction. American Gods is, in my opinion, Gaiman dullest work.

Maybe that’s the reason it is becoming a TV series: TV producers can understand it :joy:.

And yet… I think I can heard the producers saying “Can we cut off half of the weirdness? We have a tight budget, you know?”

Roger Zelazny’s ‘Creatures of Light and Darkness’ has also been suggested as a heavy influence (and Gaiman namechecks Zelazny in the dedication for ‘American Gods’).

It’s a very odd book indeed.

Weird. It’s far from my favourite novel, but it’s definitely my favourite of Gaiman’s (not counting ‘Sandman’). I’ve probably reread it ~4 times, but I doubt I’d return to any of the others, and kind of wanted my time back after reading ‘Anansi Boys’.

Actually, ‘Ocean At The End Of The Lane’ was pretty good, though he’d covered similar ground already.

Wonder how they’re going to turn it into a police procedural? If they can do it for Lucifer…

I felt the same way on the first reading, and then loved the second. I can’t explain why - maybe I put it down before it got good.

I can’t see this as a TV show, there is far too much blasphemy, sodomy, and lack of patriotism.


So, the cold open in episode one will match the book?

To really capture the mood of this book, you’d need great cinematography and a motel room for the protagonist to sit around in while waiting for something to happen.

Ocean At the end of the Lane was possibly my favorite novel of his. I don’t understand the Hate for American Gods… Anansi Boys was decent IMO. Honestly I’d say I enjoyed everything I’ve read from Gaiman.


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