Ian McShane to star in TV adaptation of Neil Gaiman's 'American Gods'


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I loved the book.
That being said, tv can tell a story better than a movie, by taking many hours to tell it.
McShane has a wonderful voice and screen presence. Thanks for the heads up Xeni. Cheers!


Totes excited…

But of course, the real star is Ricky Whittle, playing Shadow Moon:



Ah, Lovejoy. Quality student afternoon TV, when Quincy or Diagnosis Murder weren’t on.

What about Dallas?


Why do I get the feeling I will have to score the internet to be able to find it for viewing in Canada.


I can’t believe they cast this cocksucker…




I’m excited about the idea of a TV adaptation of American Gods, but… Starz? Sigh. Maybe they’ll surprise me.


Obligatory Ricky Whittle pic:

This is shaping up quite nicely with the casting so far. This show has been in development for so long, with so many false starts, that I keep forgetting it’s actually happening this time, until I read some bit of casting news and remember it’s real…


Not gonna lie. I squeed a bit. This week needed some squee.


You’d be surprised. It sounds like Starz is stepping up their original programming game after their success with Ash Vs. Evil Dead. They need something else to beef up their schedule year round to keep people like me from subscribing for 3 months (aformentioned Ash Vs. Evil Dead) and then dropping…


I was honestly pretty disinterested in this at first. I didn’t really like the book, primarily because the characters (particularly the protagonist) seemed to lack all agency. I like Anansi Boys a lot better because it took the simple step of moving the lead out of place of perpetually reacting or enacting some one else’s goals. He certainly starts there, but moves beyond it in short time. He gets an arch. Shadow on the other hand spends a lot of time seemingly going through the motions, or protesting via internal monologue while he goes along with the shit happening around him. I see why it works thematically, but it isn’t exactly pleasant. One of my least favorite narrative ticks, and far too common in TV these days (because its a great way to kill time during an over long season).

But this and Brian Fuller’s involvement are really, really encouraging.


I’m not gonna lie. I thought they meant Mike McShane who I’ve been a fan of since Who’s Line Is It Anyway?


Holy shit Mike’s lost a lot of weight!


Ian McShane could read a phone book on screen and I will watch it at least half a dozen times. He is the only reason I sat through the weirdness which was the mercifully short lived NBC series “Kings”. That and the reunion with Deadwood alum Brian Cox.


It all goes back to Spartacus. The most guy-tainment show ever produced!

Black Sails isn’t too bad but it gets a little weird with the mix of real and fictional characters.


Ian McShane turns profanity in iambec pentameter into pure gold!


Although Ian McShane fits Gaiman’s Wednesday ever-so-slightly better, couldn’t they have gotten the real Odin?