Geek alert! Neil Gaiman to help make a Gormenghast movie, maybe?

Hmmmm… done right, it could be totally awesome!

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Did you see the BBC adaptation a few years back?

(as mentioned in the article you linked, duh. Never mind me)


I did and I do like it very much. I’d love to see a new big budget production led by Gaiman, though.

I think you’d need to edit it down a lot to fit it into a movie format, even if you were just doing the first book. I do think that epic fantasy stuff fits much better into the TV series mould just because it’s so big.

I’d still go and watch it as a movie, of course. But I’d worry they’d end up with just part one and not get the viewers for subsequent films - not sure how big the audience would be cf. Lord of the Rings / Harry Potter.

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That is a concern, but I think if you do one or two movies per book, it might be doable. But yeah, a TV series would be even better, you’re right.

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This reminds me that I’ve never watched the film adaptation of Northern Lights/The Golden Compass.

Goes and puts it on hold at the library.

I’m still hoping for HBO style adaptations of Malazan Book of the Fallen and Memory, Sorrow and Thorn.

It was kind of disappointing, I thought. It could have been much better, frankly.

I’ve never heard of this? Who is it by and is it any good (I’d guess you think so, since you want to see a series of it)?

Two things. I’m still working my way through the Malazan books - they’re very big, very dense, massive cast of characters, but I’ve really got into them.

M, S & T is a Tolkienesque story, I could see it easily making a good series of films (but again, the audience wouldn’t be the size of Tolkien adaptations, but would cost as much).


Did someone mention swelter?


Now you have…

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Didn’t jonathan rhys meyers go full on Method for the role of Swelter?

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There’s a long distance between “talking to studios” and Oscars night. Sometimes decades. This sounds like a fun movie, but I’d use my one wish on Neverwhere.

EDIT: On second thought, my one wish is saved for The Great and Secret Show.

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But he was Steerpike!

What about Sandman? Didn’t what’s his name option Sandman…

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You don’t know he covered both parts? Isn’t this JRM?

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No, no, no… I’m pretty sure it’s this guy:

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You get my weird off base, dry humor. high fives!!

But back on topic, a new gormeghast would be great. The 2000 version had a wonderful cast and a real albino crow, but I would adore another version.

Apparently the production team thought a CG white crow was gonna bankrupt the shoot (or look terrible)… But then they found one for adoption on the internet.

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