Joseph Gordon-Levitt to adapt Neil Gaiman's Sandman


Man, this guy is all about movies about dreams.


Having not seen Don Jon, myself, what’s the group consensus re: JGL’s directing abilities? Sandman is just such a hard left turn from what he’s already directed, and I’m curious to see how he’ll adapt.

Not loving the idea of him starring in it, personally, but that’s a rant for another day.

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Interested in seeing how the adaptation comes along. Working myself through it for the first time and the first half dozen issues are heavy on DC universe stuff - wonder how much of that makes it through. Guess it depends on whether WB is going the Marvel/Disney world-building route.


I am so conflicted… I want the movie made, and having JGL attached means money… but starring? As Dream? I just… uh… no, cannot see it…

Also, Preludes is so much text… so much, it’s not an action filled book… gonna be a lot of narration…

squee now, before you find out that he’ll be playing Death.


I was always fond of Ted Elliot, Terry Rossio, and Roger Avery’s draft from 1996. I wonder what Mr. Gordon-Levitt brings to the table that these seasoned writing vets did not?

I think the fans’ default response is usually ‘this would work best as an animated film’, and I don’t disagree with that. But Preludes being what it is, and Sandman being what it is, if we’re going to do live action then I’m confused as to why we don’t get a TV series of HBO/Showtime caliber. It doesn’t need to run indefinitely – just long enough to tell the story.

JGL is great and all, but for all the wonderful things I’ve seen him in, I’ve never for a moment picked up on the sense of presence you’d think one of the Endless – especially Morpheus – would require.


I admit I’m fearful (I always am regarding beloved books being made into film) yet I’m curious to know how they’ll deal with the fact that Preludes and Nocturnes has a quite different feel than the rest of the series, especially the ‘24 hours’ chapter.

I also think it would probably work a lot better as a TV series, in order to adequately cover the sprawling narrative and all the characters that are at not focal to the main arc yet so fascinating (like Hob Gadling). There are people and things that are going to piss me off big time if they’re cut out.

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Oh, I don’t know… I’ve always thought Lee Pace would make an excellent dream.
And I know we’re almost at peak-Hiddles… but Tom Hiddleston would be good too. Or Ben Whishaw…

I would love a series… but unless it was BSG style budget/dedication… it would suck. Like I fear this movie will too… /sigh oh fandom, we so silly! :slight_smile:

Why didn’t Hob ever get his own mini series? I’d read that!

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Are you me? I was just commiserating with a fellow nerd earlier today about how Hiddleston or Whishaw would be my ideals. I’m on the fence about Cumberbatch, who certainly has the presence, but I’ve never caught him in anything where he put on the kind of changeable vulnerability which balances out Morpheus’s arrogance.

A friend suggested Cumberbatch as Destiny, which I almost like, so back to the Whishaw or Hiddleston-as-Morpheus train for me.

At the end of the day, though, I am really puzzled as to why this is going forward. Sandman is the only fandom I’ve ever known where most of us agree that the source material is almost too difficult to translate into film.


Heh, I dunno… maybe we hang out on the same boards? They also said LOTR could never be made into movies… so… we know it can be done. Its just how much money they can get and the passion of the film maker behind it. We need a Ron Moore or a Peter Jackson… and I don’t see JGL as either of them. (Can we have Julie Taymor? Please please please?)

Cumberbatch is too young to be Destiny. I’d prefer … Hugo Weaving?
But Ezra Miller as Desire… oh god yes please!

And Gaiman gives the impression that the tweet was the first he’s heard of it. He also points out that there have been many false starts on Sandman over the years.

I think Hiddleston did such a good job in Thor and Avengers that if I saw him as Dream, I’d just think “why is Loki looking so bored and unamused?”.

Hey it could be Shia LeBeouf…

I think Joseph Gordon-Levitt could make it work. We will have to see.

Somewhere out there, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp are drunkenly consoling each other that they’re really better off without this one, and that everyone who says they’ve jumped the shark or that their movies all look the same now can go fuck themselves.

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Watch all the fangirls Squee even more when they find out he’s playing Desire…

JGL as Dream…sure, maybe. But…DAVID F**KING GOYER??? This is like having Mark Steven Johnson direct. I guess to WB a comic is a comic.

It’s been a while since I’ve read Sandman, but I remember that while I recognized lots of DC stuff, it didn’t struck a chord with me. It was all material I missed because it was not printed in Germany when I was younger and because I read hardly any DC when Sandman came out. Sandman worked nonetheless and I think it would more or less trivial to eliminate these references by substitution and submission.

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