Buzzfeed readers pick Elfquest, Blankets and Sandman as the most life-changing graphic novels

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Elfquest man. So good.

If JGL ruins Sandman I will cry.

I approve of this list. Yiss.


I worry about this too… I’m not sure a movie can do the series justice. I wish they were making it a series like they are with American Gods.


I am inordinately worried about this. I am far too invested in those books than can possibly be healthy. LOL

I was horrified by what they’ve done to Lucifer… have you seen the trailer for that?
They’re making him solve crime… cuz sure, why not, and they made Mazikeen his “friend” with a whole face. :confused:

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Persepolis was written in 2000 and is “new”, while Preacher ran from 1995-2000 and is “classic?”

How could he “ruin” Sandman? A poor movie adaptation does nothing to the source material.

Oh man, was Preacher that recent? I might not be old after all.


Read this. Got sad there was no mention of Daytripper. Went to Buzzfeed. Daytripper in the top 5. That’s among my top. I Kill Giants instantly came to mind as well, so I’m glad to see it included. All Star Superman is a good choice if you are putting in at least one Super Hero Story.

#17 Will Shock You!”

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That’s a fine list, but no Frank Miller?? Somebody explain this to me.

Anyway, Dark Knight Returns is my pick.

I wonder how people have their lives changed. I mean someone could have their life changing event and change from a relatively nice person to a raging asshole - like 9/11 and Dennis Miller. So what I’m saying is - how were the lives of people who listed Preacher changed, and what are they like in person.


Whatever he does with the movie, the books will stay the same, and have the same meaning to you, won´t they? He is hardly in a position to “ruin Sandman”.

Life-changing is far too big of a word, but my two favourite series are still Akira and Bone.

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I wonder why they didn’t show up. Akira not getting in, I understand: it’s cold, sleek, imported, cerebral. But Bone is right at the frequency of young westerners looking for a World (like Elfquest).

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dont worry Im sure morpheus,s big sister will have a word if they go to far of track.

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