Here are 51 (yes, 51!) superhero movies you can look forward to

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When’s the bubble going to burst already.

can’t wait till this fad dies down and we can start with a new trend like adapting 90s Anime in to block buster movies.

Or maybe Disney can buy the rights to Jojo, that’s enough material to make 30 years worth of movies.

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Fun tidbit: Disney picked up marvel for $4 billion. Whoever made that deal is probably lighting up a Cuban with hundred dollar bills now.


And just for giggles…

Gonna be hard pressed to keep a person anime fresh for 30.

Kind of funny that the very same superheroes have peaked decades ago (profitwise) in comic book form, but apparently are such surefire cash cows as movies that the industry doesn’t really seem interested in churning out anything else lately. What gives?

I vaguely remember this one having a short life on Nickelodeon, which also brought us Dangermouse, who isn’t getting his own movie, so look at this Bananaman. Just look at him!


I haven’t seen the current crop, but the lead up movies to The Avengers were fair enough for popcorn films, though not such that I saw them all in the theater. Are these any more than fancy movie serials of old but with big budget effects? I know I still love Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, etc. so I have no issues with it.
I guess if I had the disposable income ratio I had in my early 20s then I would be going to see these on the big screen, now not so much.

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It’s hard keeping up with the Joneses, when the Joneses are Manka Bros.:

Manka Bros. To Produce 157 Movies Based On MC Comics Characters Through 2050

If those franchises are confusing your reeling fanboy mind, you need to review the handy-dandy list-of-Manka-Comics titles.

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I desperately want to see a noir version of the Tick, directed by Christopher Nolan, staring an old decrepit Patrick Warburton and Peter Dinklege. Preferably set in a Rio favela with no dialogue, only voice overs and long, long single take shots.

And when they solve the murder, they realize that in doing so They Murdered Their Friendship (oh shit!!)



Despite my being pretty hooked on the the MCU at this point, I’m interested in about 1/4 of these these films at most. One of them simply because it’s LEGO.

Dumb Kirk

…am I high right now?


The article is dated today but it reads like it was written 6 months ago. Example: the casting for Suicide Squad especially not being sure if Harley Quinn is going to be in it.

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ANT-MAN: From the studio that brought you Guardians of the Galaxy!

Nobody who worked on GotG was involved in this. But it’s the same studio! Go be a MARVEL ZOMBIE! RAAAR! GET HYPE!.

At least most of us don’t have to watch all those things.


Or a gritty take on Lex Luthor, where he is the chairman for a pharma company developing a treatment for specific kinds of cancer but can’t get permission from the FDA for further trials. So in a bid to help relieve the suffering of a dying superman he bribes an official to push through the testing plans.

Superman takes the experimental drugs, but still dies in agony and despair. Lex is wracked by grief, self loathing, and depression, turns himself in, and dies alone in jail after being ostracized by his family and friends.

@donald_Peterson have Nolan contact me, this is cinema gold.


When will there be a M.O.D.O.K. movie?