Neil Gaiman breaks down the trailer for Sandman

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And LOOK HOW PERFECT DEATH IS… she’s fucking perfect!!! Racist haters gonna racistly hate!

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I mean, I’ve literally been waiting for this for like 30 years…


For some reason the part that jumped out at me in the first trailer was that Dream’s cell had crisply-uniformed guards with guns…? It seemed like a stark contrast to the comics, where it was a relic of a dead cultist’s glory days. But then, if Gaiman is that enthusiastic about all of it, I’m sure it was all done for good reason.

I expect someone will interview Joseph Gordon-Levitt eventually? He was heavily involved in an adaptation for the longest time, though not this one.

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Is it just me, or does the actor they casted for Dream look a little bit like a young Neil?

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I always assumed he based the character’s appearance on his own or perhaps an idealized version. He’s often had a mop of dark hair and wore a lot of black and black leather jackets/coats. I imagine Dream is what Gaiman’s avatar in the Matrix would look like.

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i CANNOT WAIT… (and now, maybe some people will recognise my Delirium and Death past Hallowe’en costumes?!!)

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If you got pics, you should tweet them at Neil or tumblr them at him.

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I always thought Morpheus was Robert Smith or Ian McCulloch…


Martin Tenboooooonnnnnneesssss!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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look at how miserable he looks!!! a disgruntled cat!!! i want to cave his head in with a baguette <3<3<3

That’s old Morpheus… just a miserable goth for no reason…


Lil’ old grumpy puss for sure.



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