The Stranger Things season 4 trailer you have been waiting for

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C’thulhu, “I’d have gotten away with it, too; if it hadn’t been for them meddling kids! Fhtang!”


I saw a ghost, maybe two.


Really looking forward to another season of Stranger things! It’s a fantastic show.

Also, @jlw… Gen Xers, take note:


They’ve certainly nailed the look of Dream :+1:


I still haven’t watched the trailer yet… Will do so this evening on the TV… From the still? Yeah. He’s got that chin working for him.

For me, it doesn’t need to be word for word like the comic (like they’ve updated it in terms of when it happens, which is fine with me). I just want it to carry on the… feel(?) of the comics.

This article has some tweets with Death and Desire, too:

Here we go…


I loved the Sam Kieth run on that series, though I understand why he didn’t feel he was the right artist. I dare say, though that the opening shots of the trailer bore a striking resemblance to a lot of the imagery. Not the scene setting per se, but the ethereal whispies that manifest while he’s being conjured and the bird’s eye view of him in the pentagram with his cloak and helm. That’s a great start in my opinion.

I’m really hoping they go for the harder-hitting stories as well as the deep cosmology such as the other Endless (esp. Delirium and Desire!), Orpheus, The Corinthian and the serial killer con and the story about the planets later on in the series. It’s been about a decade since I last read it, so I may be fuzzy on those details, but it’s very promising so far.

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I keep getting pissed the kids broke that nice stained-glass window. That is not how you investigate spooky mysteries, kids!


I’ve always thought that Morpheus looks a lot like Neil Gaiman, and that actor looks like Neil Gaiman, and therefore looks like Dream.


Far as i know that was intentional.


So: white Lovecraft Country

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Did that improve it for you?


Was the “I’ve been slimed” Ghostbusters button on the backpack a nod to Finn Wolfhard being in the new Ghostbusters movie?

Creeped out. I love that clock tick moving to stereo. Can’t wait.

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