Potemkin rumble: your car's muscular engine noise is an MP3

When we bought our first Prius I was unnerved to find that hit had a beeper to warn of the car being in reverse, but the beeper only sounded inside the car. What good is that? I want it to sound like a garbage truck.


Start with this car!


If only I had the spare change to paint a Ferrari that way just to make people upset.

I found this one in Chicago. Maserati. Astral paint job.


I think it’s because bass notes are sexually arousing in fish.


So long as the sound has been designed to only be heard by the drive, I approve wholeheartedly. People don’t seem to give a shit about noise pollution, even though it’s demonstrably both a destroyer of quality of life and health. Plus, whenever I hear a car or motorcycle that’s obviously been altered to make more noise, all I can think is, “Are you three fucking years old? Can you not spare everyone else and just continue to make ‘Vroom vroom’ noises on your own?”


Seems I read they also do this with Harley Davidson motorcycles but my Google Fu is failing - only getting information about how they patented the distinctive sound. Anyone out there will more 411?


As teens, the first thing that we used to do was add fat headers and glass packs.


I will say that although I disagree with the sentiment “Loud pipes saves lives” when it comes to Motorcycles, but mainly that is because they break traffic rules and split lines.


My husband has a fancy Mustang which is, and I’m not even a Mustang fanboi, very very pretty. It is also loud as shit. I pretty much can’t stand being in the car because I have sensitive hearing and do not enjoy it. It is all kinds of fun to drive and see the reactions of people to the loud engine, though - def an attention getter.

I thought it would make a funny short story to do this, and then I find out that truth is stranger than fiction.

I got the idea when I found out that some places were putting minimum noise requirements on hybrids and electrics, and thought, "Wouldn’t it be funny if car enthusiasts got super-obsessed with creating the perfect “hot rod” sound? Would it be purely through speakers? Would some people come up with an acoustic/mechanical way to make the sounds?

My dad is a racing enthusiast and I was raised around this; I remember realizing that, even though Episode I was truly terrible, the sounds of the podracers got my heartrate going. Wouldn’t it be funny to hear a Tesla going down the road someday sounding like Sebulba’s car? Would restrictions be put on the amount of sound a car could make, based on torque, top speed, and so on?

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the sonic plumage of the american muscle carred male…falsies for men


I’ve never owned a car worth listening to. Two of them have been diseasels.


My personal vote for a hack replacement car engine noise would be the “Jetsons” vehicle sound.

Why they don’t sell replacement sounds as a feature is beyond me.


As it is I detest driving, but it doesn’t have to do with the actual driving part, just dealing with the other drivers.

Well, that would be fun. Just like

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Do Not Want! I will pretend to care about the safety of pedestrians and stuff, but I like that my car doesn’t make a sound when the gas engine turns off and it is just electric. I don’t want it mandatorily louder.

It gets more awkward when you almost run over your next door neighbors kid because they can’t hear you, because to drive in the cul-de-sac the car is always going slow enough that it is on silent electric. Oops!

I am only embarrassed when I almost kill someone I know because of my silent car. (Probably need a sociopathy tag on here somewhere, or may just “Christ, what an asshole” again).


I absolutely want to turn off that reverse beeper in my Prius. There are some sites and aftermarket kits that I have been too lazy to do or cheap to buy to “fix” it. I will never admit that it has helped me once or twice by reminding me I was in reverse, never.

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Well you must admit a fast car is more fun than falsies. Otherwise, you have a point.

Conspicuous consumption of energy? Making noise is a way of showing you’ve got joules to burn…

I hate loud engines, and shake my fist like an angry old man when motorcycles go by. Finding out that it’s added back in and/or amplified artificially makes me upset.


Unless it’s a V8 with lake pipes, or a V12, it isn’t mechanical music, so just muffle it.

Lake pipes: 52 Ford customline

V12: 1968 Lamborghini Islero at 12:30

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