Poverty is a tax on cognition

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Pretty genius stuff (verging on the obvious for those who are close to it!).


The welfare state in the UK might be in a state of disassembly but knowing that a council house, food, and healthcare enabled ‘maker’ J K Rowling to create an intellectual good suitable for world export which enriched the UK treasury.
In the US by the 70s hunger had been eliminated even if government commodity cheese was monotonous. Our friend zombie Regan tore apart food security, housing security, and any hope of a reasonable single payer healthcare system.
How much wealth for the 1%ers is destroyed when the poor are punitively choked for a few base metal hourly labor eggs when the productivity could be so much greater.


This was called the hierarchy of needs when I was first exposed to it many years ago.


What good would more money do them without an oppressed underclass to shit on?


In other words, rich people are effectively smarter than poor people. And they’d have to be pretty daft to allow the rules to change.

(I’m not happy with this, but class war is class war no matter how you parse it)


when we create means-tested benefits that require poor people to go through difficult bureaucratic processes, we’re taxing their scarcest and most precious resource

it’s like you’re reading my mind, doc.


That was a great talk, and a great answer to the question at 1:24:20.

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