'Practically perfect in every way': Mary Poppins crosswalk lights

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Well, this is certainly supercallifragilisticexpialidocious.

The city of Maryborough in Queensland, Australia, birthplace of Mary Poppins author P.L. Travers, have turned on some new crosswalk lights. These pedestrian lights feature the silhouettes of the magical nanny, umbrella and all: Umbrella up/green light = "Cross with care," and Umbrella down/red light = "Do not cross."

(Oh My Disney)



Where I live “Don’t start crossing, but finish crossing if you’ve already started” is represented by the red symbol flashing (as opposed to staying lit continuously for “Don’t cross.”) In this case I suggest instead using a yellow umbrella flying around like some sort of arrow. Even better would be if that symbol were accompanied by some sort of whistling noise, to assist vision-impaired pedestrians.

Finish crossin’ quick, y’all!

Odense, Denmark have had HC Andersen lights for years, so only a world first for Mary.


I was hoping for a “fly/don’t fly” option, too.


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We’ve had these for a few years in Wellington.

An early womens rights activist around parliament, A transgender icon downtown, and most recently an ANZAC soldier around the National Memorial.

It’s a nifty idea, and genuinely DID make me curious enough to acknowledge and find out a little more about these characters being honoured.


Over here, we have several of the “stoplight pairs”


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