Prague's fake weed shops


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I am happy to live in a State where you can get legal weed and there are at least a dozen distilleries making high quality absinthe


Honest Prison Guide? I’d watch that.


“What are ya smokin, drug weed? or some other kinda weed?”

Remember kids: if it ain’t “drug weed” then it’s just a weed.


He seems to have kind of a Hitler mustache and to think drugs are a bad thing.
Hire that man as a vlour guide, it’ll be so fun!


Went to Prague this summer, stayed there a week visiting a family friend. My takeaway: Go somewhere else. (Unless you have a cool family friend there.) It’s a tourist trap and far less interesting than other less-promoted spots. (Croatia is very nice.)

But, ymmv, my deal is peace and quiet and museums, with alcohol and food. That said, if you’re looking for techno-hipster stuff, Vienna is pretty good. It’s touristy, but not so terribly exploitive as Prague.


There’s a lot to see there, including two national parks that are among the most beautiful in the world:

There’s also quite epic (140 m high) cave with underground river nearby in Slovenia:


Hey confused tourists: hop a plane to Colorado where I assure you, absolutely 100% for real this time, you will not be disappointed.


my dudes you always gotta caveat emperor that shit.

always. that is why julius caesar was so powerful.


Is julius caesar indica or sativa?




Most absinthe sold anywhere is fake. Yes, even from craft distilleries. Though, I’m guessing @tsath must live in Colorado where you can, indeed find both real weed and real absinthe (though I doubt dozens).


He seems to have kind of a Hitler mustache and to think drugs are a bad thing.

Eh, I didn’t get that from the video. I do agree with him that drugs are a bad thing… for tourists to do in an unfamiliar country with harsh drug laws.


Fake Weed is bad, really bad, dude.


Oregon. It’s at least two dozen statewide. And they had better be real because they are going to run into serious legal issues with the TTB and FTC for mislabelling spirits if there isn’t wormwood as per their filings.


Not real absinthe; it’s missing the wormwood (by US law).


Completely wrong, I’m afraid. Absinthe with wormwood became legal again in 2007. Even the old recipes don’t have enough thujone to violate FDA standards.


This whole report is Off Which really surprises me with Boing Boing. they should have vetted this easily.…/is-cbd-legal-in-czech…/

… All the ads are for CDB, ABsiynth Is real even if it does not have thujone as long as it has Wormwood and Anise abstracts.

According to the 2015 declaration regarding medicinal products containing cannabis the Czech Republic law, states that THC in cannabis has a legal limit of 0.3%. This means that CBD is legal in the Czech Republic as long as it contains less than 0.3% THC.


Weed substitutes (THC-like chemicals) are really bad. Not even clear you’re getting that here.


So, like if you’re Bogart-ing fake weed, does that still make you a bad person?