Pre-crime: DHS admits that it puts people on the no-fly list based on "predictive assessment"

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So let me guess … any police officer accused of shooting a suspect will claim they made a “predictive assessment” that the suspect posed a threat, and they can’t elaborate on the basis for that assessment lest criminals take advantage of their reasoning and place officers in danger?


“I feared for my life!..or, you know, I would have later, if I hadn’t shot the guy probably.”



Speaking of this sort of thing, did this story ever make it onto BB?

Pennsylvania is on the verge of becoming one of the first states in the country to base criminal sentences not only on what crimes people have been convicted of, but also on whether they are deemed likely to commit additional crimes. As early as next year, judges there could receive statistically derived tools known as risk assessments to help them decide how much prison time — if any — to assign.


So basically presumed thought-crime is enough to get you on these lists…


I was expecting more “Minority Report” references. Boingboing, you have failed me.

Then it will morph to Scientology refs.

Every time this stuff comes up, I’m left uneasy. The no-fly list is not prison, so I’m not sure if there are any constitutional protections at all. Clearly there’s no right to a speedy trial. Would it make a difference if the government banned you from flying - or if they “suggested” and then the airlines banned you? Would it make a difference if we had better trains?

After we finish saying “Government bad,” the conversation could get pretty complicated.


Sounds like a repeat offenders facing things like three strikes laws. I always thought those types of laws were cruel and unusual.

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Its called “precrime”. Didn’t you get the memo?


I knew this was going to happen.


I knew Daneel was going to say that.


Her badge is chained to the zipper on her garment. That doesn’t even make sense!

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I haven’t the slightest idea how the two characters relate, but I recognize the odd zipper and badge motif.

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She was in the recent(ish) film, too.

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Seems like only yesterday that I laughed at the possibility of having my internet postings land me in trouble with the law(less).

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