Premature celebration: balancing a club on your nose

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One of the fun competitions is 3-ball blind juggling endurance (where for sure you don’t know if you’re winning). Once it gets down to a few competitors, everybody crowds uncomfortably closely around the remaining jugglers. It’s very surreal to drop, open your eyes, and see that people are <6" from you.


I’m sure Nelson Muntz would have something pithy to say about that.


Juggling a shoe, a rolled up sock and a coin is another classic competition. It’s surprisingly tricky. Or you can go for the tough guy competition and juggle three bowling balls.


How odd, i see no picture, no link, just a… joke i think?

I always like blind Jenga – sometimes you don’t notice that you’ve toppled the tower until it actually crashes to the ground, and if you’re playing against more than a couple of opponents it can be difficult to get a good idea of what the tower looks like. I’ve never been able to juggle blindfold, although I can juggle knives and clubs (or at least I could juggle knives a few years ago). My uncle juggled knives during his interview as a school principal; I think he was using it as a metaphor for running a school, which he explained while he was juggling. He got the job, too.


It’s a fun watch, but fast-forward to about 5:30 to get the full idea and 6:20 to see the important bits.


He wouldn’t have won either way. He didn’t turn on to his belly like a seal ( He was signaling with his hands as in saying “What? I didn’t hear?” So, at 3:19 he was already out, at that time it was said: “If you are not on your belly you are out”.


I noticed that too and got worried he would be named the winner as he made it closer and closer to the end… glad he was the fool that prematurely celebrated.

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That’s how I felt.

I noticed someone else earlier at 1:15 drop his club but continued rather than leaving the floor. So maybe the “loser” knew he was out but continued anyway for the fun of it, and chose to prematurely celebrate rather than risk being disqualified after a “win”.

After all, he could see her, and she couldn’t see him.

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Failed to read/remember his Lincoln:
“The hen is the wisest of all the animal creation, because she never cackles until the egg is laid.”

His reaction to seeing her after he stopped makes it pretty clear he didn’t see her until then.

just like a man to “prematurely celebrate”…

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Whatever. Now show us the Zombie Juggling. THAT seems interesting!

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