Mat Ricardo's next juggling show will feature a trick you think he can't do

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He could juggle some priceless Fabergé eggs, a baby panda, and a Happy Fun Ball


Three kids, and a full time job?


Two kids, two jobs and a full time class schedule

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And no spouse.

The man sounds a bit desperate. I hope he won’t sink to doing something like this:


I’m at two kids, full time job, and part time grad school :slight_smile:

It’s not a very fun club to be in :frowning:

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oh man, this reminds me of The Flying Karamazov Brothers. They’d have folks in the audience bring items to the stage as a juggling challenge. Folks knew ahead of time and brought in crazy stuff (cartons of eggs, hockey sticks, bowling balls, beef tongue, octopi, etc). By audience applause they’d pick three separate items and juggle them together. I saw them do this a couple of times and it was amazing. Then one year, when they were performing at Michigan State University, the wonderful crew at Impression 5 Museum brought up something that stumped them completely and they weren’t able to juggle it. It was some form of slimy ball of goo that got stickier the more you touched it. They said it was the first time they’d ever failed the challenge.


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