Watch man solve three Rubik's Cubes in 20 seconds, while juggling them!

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But can he wash the dirty dishes and take the trash out?


I wonder if the cubes are randomly mixed or pre-set in a certain combination. (I couldn’t do it either way while juggling; so impressive whichever the case.)

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I could do that. Except for the solving. And the juggling.


This isn’t solving per se. In this particular case, all three cubes are in the same simple configuration (with slight cube rotation before the predefined “scramble” so they appear different). The juggler simply memorized the short solution to this particular simple configuration. This is why he is able to “solve” the three cubes in 18 seconds. I definitely doubt that he can do this with three cubes scrambled by a third party.

If you want to see a real cuber juggling and truthfully solving three different (real) scrambles, see Ravi Fernando. He has done this in front of many real cubers so there is no doubt about his achievement.


I’d like to see him unscramble with both hands (not just the left).

Now that’s a robotics challenge in need of ambitious engineers!

You should make your own solving party, but with blackjack… and hookers!


I’d like to see him do it while riding a unicycle across a tightrope. Also the cubes are on fire.


The tightrope and the unicycle should also be on fire.


What juggling pattern is he using?

It’s called a Mills Mess.

Pretty versatile intermediate trick and excellent brain-twister when you first learn it.

Many things are possible. But what does that sign on the wall behind him say? It says ‘Rushes’. And what might Rushes be? It’s an effects company…

I used to be able to solve it with my feet. I don’t feel quite as accomplished now.

I doubt I could even SCRAMBLE three cubes while juggling them…


Thanks, I thought it was Mill’s Mess or something similar. I have only seen MM done once in real life.

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