Lockpicking Lawyer & Son solve Rubik's Cube-locked "treasure chest"

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Looks like nimble fingers run in their family.


I’m still amazed at how fast people can solve those. I know there is a system, and once you figure it out, it is pretty easy (and thus you move up to high count cubes). But as one who never took the time to learn it, it is still like witch craft.


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Nimble feet run in our family.


I recently (about 5 years ago) decided I’d learn to solve it while on vacation. I just ran through the simplest algorithm 4 or 5 times a day, and enlisted the help of my kids to scramble the cube for me. I’ve been solving cubes about once every couple of days since then, just to keep the muscle memory. I’ll never be a speed cube guy (although I work with a couple of folks who actually went down that road a little bit), but it’s nice to be able to pick one up and solve it.

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