Watch a kid smash the Rubik's cube speed record

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I love the way all the communication in the room at that point is done almost entirely without language - lots of whooping, and everybody knows what has happened.



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I love how the record-setter and a couple of the other kids are just absent-mindedly solving rubik’s cubes to calm themselves down toward the end of the video. Like Usain Bolt jogging around to calm down after a 100 meter dash.

Also, is there a standard method for scrambling a Rubik’s Cube before a competition run?


Is it just me or does it seem like there are still a jumble of colors, and then in a split second its solved? I feel like if it were in a movie I’d have assumed it was special effects/editing.


I was wondering this as well. I was even thinking that any speed record would have to be the average of 3 solves or something that reduces the differences in the random mixup.


nerds !

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There are records for both single solve and average solve time (usually 3 tries)


I’m impressed that this is so popular they have specialized commercially made competition timers just for the sport.

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Well, those mats are used for a number of dexterity and hand-based competitions, like cup stacking or even some trivia and paper/pencil puzzle competitions.


I love those kids in that moment. It’s kind of a perfect moment.


You got it, Those kids sharing that simple joy is a thing of wonder and beauty and the mix of kids sharing their fun and respect would be worth watching without ever knowing why. World leaders, co-workers, adults of any flavor pay attention to this these kids have something worth trying to recover for all adults.
On a totally different note wouldn’t it be wild to see an MRI, EEG or any other measure of that boys mind firing in action leading up to and including the resolution!


What a nerd!

I’m kidding - this is amazing and wonderful. As someone old enough to have played with the cube in the early 80s and who picked it up again a couple years ago, I barely solve in under a minute.

Cube technology has advanced quite a bit in the intervening years. You can buy a “speed cube” for under $10 now.

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Yuup, yuup it would.

I remember when I learned that there’s a (fairly) simple algorithm to solve the cube about a decade ago, my friends would be fascinated that I could solve it in less than 5 minutes. This kid is a whole different level of awesome.


Then there is this guy, using them in an act, apparently using deft, one handed skills to transform the cubes in a magic act.


At 0.25 percent speed it still looks fast, but almost reasonable.

Having watched it in slo-mo dozens of times now, I realize how perfect every move of every finger is. And he already puts his hands on the mat as gravity has barely even accelerated the falling cube.

Humans are amazing.


Well that’s just bonkers.

Also, in the video, you can hear some kid saying what sounds like 2 world records were broken that day. I wonder what the other was.

That’s kind of the way they work. You have to go “backwards” to move forward. They are indeed quite scrambled-looking just a few moves before they’re solved. But scrambled in a special way, such they come together quickly after that. Disclaimer: I’ve never been able to solve one. The apparent non-linear path to a solution just doesn’t gel in my brain.